Let the Music Move You

Does the weather influence what music you listen to or are in the mood to listen to? It does for me. Take for instance today, it was pouring down rain, it was windy, and it was pretty chilly. The song Anna Sun by Walk the Moon comes on the radio, and I decide that I want to listen to one of their other songs from their album called Quesadilla. So I get out my phone/iPod, find the song, and I’m just not that into it. Continue reading

Holy Breathless Batman


Evidence: dirty, gross hair

You guys. I did it. I worked out. And it was awkward. It’s like, we used to be friends, but we grew apart, and then we ran into each other at the mall and we did the weird ass-out hug and after the initial excitement died down we didn’t really have anything to talk about. So they went on to Hot Topic and I moved on to Finish Line to check out the kicks, maybe get a pretzel, and then tell Joel about it later. Continue reading

Food Battles


Some of my finer moments, natch.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve struggled with my weight. As a younger kid I was more active than as I grew older. I played softball, volleyball, danced, and did gymnastics for years. I also dabbled in basketball, but we were not meant to be mates. Some people just rub each other the wrong way, you know? Once I hit high school, I did marching band and theatre, which are pretty intense if you haven’t participated, but then it leveled off. Sure enough college rolled around and now you’re in charge of your own life, your own decisions, including how much you exercise and what you’re shoving down your face at 2am just because. Hint: my answers include not at all and everything I can, respectively.

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Help, I’m Alive


Oh my goodness I never thought this day would come!! I’M DONE WITH NURSING SCHOOL!! I GRADUATED!! AND I HAVE A JOB!! Pretty awesome how it all wrapped up so nicely. So lucky and thankful that I have a wonderful family who supported me and helped me through these past 16 months of hell.

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