Let the Music Move You

Does the weather influence what music you listen to or are in the mood to listen to? It does for me. Take for instance today, it was pouring down rain, it was windy, and it was pretty chilly. The song Anna Sun by Walk the Moon comes on the radio, and I decide that I want to listen to one of their other songs from their album called Quesadilla. So I get out my phone/iPod, find the song, and I’m just not that into it.

You can listen here:

Still a great song. But not fitting for a cold and dreary day. There are certain artists that I think of when I think of cold and dreary days: Nick Drake, Jack Johnson, Fiest, just to name a few.

Like this song would’ve been prefect:

Or anything that’s ever been in a Wes Anderson movie.

But summer and sun call for a different tune, no? Think of driving down the Pacific Coast Highway, wind in your hair (which is now a tangled mess) and sun on your face (please wear sunscreen!!). You don’t want to listen to somber acoustic melodies! You want fun and excitement! Pep and energy! So naturally I think of names like: Sleigh Bells, Rooney, Chili Peppers, and these new guys I heard the other day Django Django.

Like this!

Or this!

Or even this!

And here’s Django Django. It takes a bit to grow on you but it’s worth it:

Can’t you tell the difference?? Haha, I may be crazy here, but there are just some times when the weather is not appropriate for some music. Except Bon Iver. There’s really no weather appropriate for Bon Iver. Too depressing.

I think the same can be said for music that you listen to when you work out, if you do. I can’t usually listen to the same music that I would everyday when I need to get pumped up for or during a workout. Love listening to Sleigh Bells while driving, doesn’t really translate to running. For fitnessing, I typically need something more pop or hip hop. I really want my booty to be unable to resist shaking. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Old school:

And my dearest Ke$ha:

What gets you pumped up? Does the weather affect your tune selection?

I’d love to hear about it!!



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