Tomorrow is February?!

Yelling season begins February 1st.

Yelling season begins February 1st.

Oh my goodness gracious – I cannot believe that tomorrow is February. That means that my boards are less than ten days away, I’m working, and I am that much closer to Run the Bluegrass! Crap! Hahahah, it hasn’t been all bad, but a lot of December and January were spent sitting and waiting, and now that everything has started it feels very overwhelming. We got our orientation schedules today and there is a lot to be done!!

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Well That SUCKED.


I had the worst run of my life today. I wouldn’t even call it a run. I won’t even put a picture of it up because I’m so upset about it. I know, I know, everyone has bad runs, sometimes you don’t have it in you, etc., etc. But still, I’m just so bummed because I feel like it was a missed opportunity. The weather was beautiful, we got out of work early, and I was so excited! But it didn’t pan out, and I’m disappointed about it.

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That’s right. I went with RuPaul. There’s really no other way to describe how today went down, other than to jazz it up with this song. Because today was, to put it simply, boring. Woohoo for orientation! Now, I will admit that I appreciate the thorough approach they are taking to covering our benefits, responsibilities, etc. At my last job, they handed us the employee handbook and said, “see ya later.” So yeah.

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Sunday Funday

And by Funday I mean Restday/Studyday. I was super accountable and on track this week so I just have to remember I can’t eat the calories I normally would since I’m not officially working out. I do plan on doing some yoga and some foam rolling, but nothing crazy.

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Like a Grown Up – For Real

Please ignore how dirty the glass of my oven is.

Please ignore how dirty the glass of my oven is.

There it is. A Dutch oven in the oven. Do you know what’s in that Dutch oven? It’s my very first adult like venture into the world of cooking with red wine. I made coq au vin. Shut the front door, right? Right. We had some chicken thighs in the kitchen and I told Joel I would come up with something to do for them. So I got my little brain a thinking, and figured that it would be a good time to try out a classic French dish.

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#CBR5 Review #4: The Road by Cormac McCarthy


I did not like this book. Which is unusual for me given the profile. It won the Pulitzer, it’s a national best seller, it has rave reviews, etc. I’m not saying that I’ll give into just anything that’s a best seller (I haven’t, and don’t plan on, reading any Fifty Shades books), but very rarely do I read a book and not like anything about it. The Road happens to be that first book.

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Last Week of Freedom

Yes, I found this on a grief counseling website.

Yes, I found this on a grief counseling website.

Here it is folks, my last week of freedom before I start orientation for my new (and first) job as a registered nurse! I’ve done well so far getting my workouts in, but I haven’t made studying a priority and I need to incorporate more of that starting today. I am so nervous/scared/excited/terrified/relieved to finally be working again after a long time of not bringing home my part of the income. We have a big massive orientation Monday – Wednesday of next week and then we break into our nursing pods I guess to get more unit specific orientation. At least that’s what we’ve been told.

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Upon Sage Advice


Last week Coach Krissie from LexRunLadies and Committed Coaching sent out a newsletter that suggested we slow down. Normally I try to push pretty hard during my runs, and I’ve realized that I’m probably overexerting myself and could be doing more harm than good. Based on the Krissie’s advice, I took my run super slow this morning, with the mentality that I was still running, no matter how slow, and I had to add an extra mile anyway, so I wanted to get through it. Plus it was beautiful outside so I didn’t feel the need to run faster and go inside.

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Slow Going

How cute are they??

How cute are they??

Tried to crush my run today and got half way there. I made it through one mile at a 12:00min/mile pace but then couldn’t hold it for the second mile. Slowed down by about a minute and a half but still finished up so that’s what counts right? Hey, at least I’m faster than the kids on Biggest Loser. That’s right. I compared myself to overweight teenagers.

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This is a GREAT blog post!! Make time for yourself!

super generic girl

(know that meme)

A couple of years ago, when I was all “yay, I have a Kindle! I want to download all the eBooks on the internet!”, a friend recommended a book called How to Live on 24 hours a Day. The title sounded a little silly but I downloaded it anyway for three main reasons: 1) it was free (and I’m a sucker for a bargain), 2) it was short, 3) it got me one book closer to that “all the eBooks on the internet” goal mentioned above. I started reading it with the often misguided low expectations I have of some free stuff  but it turned out to be one of the most enlightening books I’ve read in a while.

How to Live on 24 hours a Day sounds a little like “How to Inhale and Exhale Repeatedly to Avoid Death”. I thought to myself…

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Shinny Shin Shin


I seem to have finally developed the dreaded shin splints. At first I didn’t think that was what it was because it’s on the inside of my shin, but alas, there’s a muscle there too. I guess this is what I get for thinking that shin splints were the one thing that wouldn’t affect me when it affects so many runners out there. Continue reading

#CBR5 Review #3: Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde


Let me just get this out of the way: I. LOVE. THURSDAY. NEXT. Agent Next of course is Fforde’s protagonist and ultimate badass. From what I understand he has written several different series, of which Lost in a Good Book is #2 for Thursday. The first book, The Eyre Affair, is also an excellent and entertaining read.

The book opens a few months after The Eyre Affair closes, with Agent Next attempting to evade any further PR related to her heroic feats. Without giving too much away from the first book, I’ll try to explain the world where Thursday lives. It’s a parallel universe basically. One that resembles a cross between Narnia and the dream episode of Buffy, with some Inception thrown in for good measure. It’s 1985 in Britain, but with a heavy emphasis on literary greatness. Continue reading

I. Hate. The. Treadmill.

Seriously. I thought I could do it today. I was watching Revenge (my new favorite show), I didn’t have to wear any extra layers, my heel didn’t hurt, my legs didn’t hurt, I just can’t do it. I don’t know what mental block I have, but whatever it is it prevents me from running on the treadmill. Continue reading

Lots of Action Over Here

And by that I mean none. Joelarino has been out of town a few days for work so I did a lot of nothing.

Wednesday I went to lunch with a friend who was in town and washed my car. Boom.

Yesterday I watched a lot of TV and went for a run. Then that evening had some cake at my mom’s for my little sister’s 13th birthday.

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“Is This Real Life?”

Apply an even layer of face liberally morning and night.

Apply an even layer of face liberally morning and night.

The title of this blog comes from my refresher CPR course I had to take today. For the hospital that I and some classmates will soon work at, we need American Heart Association CPR as opposed to American Red Cross CPR. Don’t ask me what’s different, since I’ve now done both and have no idea. Anyway, there was no place in Lexington to get an AHA certification so we had to go to Richmond where we went to school. Someone found a phone number on a bulletin board and we called it, got the deets and showed up. This joint had 4 tables, a tv, faceless dummies and a sign that said RICHMOND CPR. Not that I care because I just need the card, but we weren’t sure that this operation was street legal. Continue reading