A Matter of Opinion

"All they do is sit in a room and smoke!" - Sadie, 'This is 40'

“All they do is sit in a room and smoke!” – Sadie, This is 40

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved commercials. I know, it’s crazy. Who the heck loves commercials? Isn’t this why DVR was invented? So we could fast forward through them? Maybe, but whatever. You can even ask my mom, when I was a kid I used to stop what I was doing, watch the commercials, and then go back about my business when the show came back. I guess from an early age I was just mesmerized by mindless consumerism. Maybe that’s why I like Mad Men so much… 

Here are some of my favorite commercials right now and of all time. And yes, this was a hard list for me to narrow down.

1. AT&T “It’s Not Complicated”. I love these kids. All of these are good but these two are my favorite. 

2. Anything with Peyton Manning. I like all of these except the Nerf one in the middle. The Mastercard ones were the best though. D-CAF!

3. The NFL Play60 series is excellent.

As well as this one from the NFL. Not Play60, but they’re the same people so it’s still the same number.

4. ESPN “This is Sportscenter”. There are about a million of these, but this is my absolute favorite one.

5. American Express “The Perfect Pump!”

6. Gillette “ProGlide Challenge”. I literally lost my mind the first time I saw this commercial.

7. Old Spice has some good stuff going on. Here’s the Swagger one for Brian Urlacher. I’m partial to this one as a Bears fan, but I always chuckle when he does. And then I pee my pants of fright.

And Terry Crews. Who would convince me to use Old Spice if I were a man.

8. Speaking of Terry, Terry Tate Office Linebacker was priceless. We need more of this. Imagine if this were real! The office would be so much more civilized!

My absolute favorite commercial I cannot find footage of. It’s a Visa Check Card commercial, and there’s a guy from the Steelers who goes to buy “Who Let the Dogs Out” but he doesn’t have ID so they don’t let him. So the Steelers come out to “Lovin’ You” by Minnie Riperton. My describing it doesn’t do it justice.

So how do you feel about commercials? Love ’em or hate ’em? What’s your favorite? Least favorite?



3 thoughts on “A Matter of Opinion

  1. Colin DeWaay says:

    LOL wow you really do like commercials! I can’t say I’ve ever liked them but I did once upon a time dream of being someone who created commercials.

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