Lots of Action Over Here

And by that I mean none. Joelarino has been out of town a few days for work so I did a lot of nothing.

Wednesday I went to lunch with a friend who was in town and washed my car. Boom.

Yesterday I watched a lot of TV and went for a run. Then that evening had some cake at my mom’s for my little sister’s 13th birthday.

I know. I’m more exciting than Paris Hilton circa 2003. Whoa.

I counted washing my car as a workout on Wednesday. There are a lot of squats involved in that kind of thing. Yesterday I was kind of resigned to running on the treadmill because it’s been pretty crappy here recently. Not that cold but it’s been rainy and annoying. I was tired of being cold so I figured an inside run it would be. Decided to convert a movie over to the iPad to watch but it took forever, which I was not anticipating, so I ended up going outside anyway.

This is what it looked like when I GOT BACK from my run.

This is what it looked like when I GOT BACK from my run.

My run went alright. Actually it went better than that. I kind of zoned out and lost myself in the run. Which was weird because the weather was gross and I really really really really didn’t want to leave the couch. I took the same route as Tuesday, but I did it backwards. Typically I get too used to routes and then I know milestones and start to dread them. I guess it works better if I don’t know where I’m going.

This put our monster hill at the end of the run as opposed to the beginning. It wasn’t terrible. I kind of have this weird mentality about hills, I try to take them as fast as possible so that they’re over quicker. Probably dumb, but still.

You can't tell, but it's a mean, mean mistress.

You can’t tell, but it’s a mean, mean mistress.

Did some post run flow that I found on YouTube. It was a good little session. Instead of a live video it shows pictures of the poses with narration telling you how to do them. I didn’t mind it but I could see how someone would prefer live action.

My times were alright. I attribute the second mile being slower with the hill and all.



I made a post run bag of popcorn, but I can’t ever get those mini bags to pop right. I hate burning popcorn like whoa, and I like a good kernel like most people who like to tempt fate with their enamel integrity, but this, this is too much.

IMG_2477IMG_2478I mean there’s only ten kernels in there to begin with, so to only get half of them is a little out of control.

So for more celebration there was cake to be had!!

IMG_2483I love whipped frosting. I’m not much for icing, but whipped frosting is pretty delicious. Looks like someone else wanted some, too…

Who, me?

Who, me?



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