I. Hate. The. Treadmill.

Seriously. I thought I could do it today. I was watching Revenge (my new favorite show), I didn’t have to wear any extra layers, my heel didn’t hurt, my legs didn’t hurt, I just can’t do it. I don’t know what mental block I have, but whatever it is it prevents me from running on the treadmill.

There was even an article in the February issue of Runner’s World on how to beat the treadmill boredom and nothing helped. NOTHING! I guess I should quit complaining since it’s obnoxious. I just don’t know what else to do. I ended up running every other lap and moved as far away as fast as I could as soon as I hit 2 miles.

Thanks, dailymile.

Thanks, dailymile.

The reason I ran on the treadmill was because it was raining pretty hard today. If it was just drizzling I have some gear I could wear but not anything for heavy duty rainfall. I’m thinking of getting a waterproof hat though, which would help even in drizzly weather. Any suggestions for rain gear? What do you do when it rains and you need to clock some miles?

Did another yoga video from YouTube when I got home. I did a different one than Thursday and didn’t like it quite as much. There were a few poses where you have to sit back on your heels and stuff and poses like that for me are not very effective. It’s probably the size of my legs, but it usually hurts. However, there was a glorious hip stretch toward the beginning of the sequence that I really enjoyed.

I wore my Brooks today since my heel has been bothering me in the Mizunos. I felt better but I would still like to know what’s causing the problem. Perhaps when I am working (and have insurance) I will get it checked out.

In other news, I really want a chocolate malt…



2 thoughts on “I. Hate. The. Treadmill.

  1. runnerbydefault says:

    I wish I could pass on my love of the treadmill to other people! Most people struggle with it but I look forward to. I only allow myself to watch my DVR’ed shows if I am on it so maybe that is why. Otherwise, I wouldn’t get any screen time.

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