Upon Sage Advice


Last week Coach Krissie from LexRunLadies and Committed Coaching sent out a newsletter that suggested we slow down. Normally I try to push pretty hard during my runs, and I’ve realized that I’m probably overexerting myself and could be doing more harm than good. Based on the Krissie’s advice, I took my run super slow this morning, with the mentality that I was still running, no matter how slow, and I had to add an extra mile anyway, so I wanted to get through it. Plus it was beautiful outside so I didn’t feel the need to run faster and go inside.

It. Was. Awesome. I was a little surprised when I hit mile one (at probably my slowest time ever) and the nike+ dude announced my time. I was almost compelled to speed up because I’m an idiot who can’t heed my own advice, but then I remembered that I still had two miles to go, and I’ve been running only two miles the past few weeks. Boy am I glad that I didn’t do anything stupid. I did get a little extra pumped during mile three and kicked it up for Blue Orchid from the White Stripes – try to tell me that drum beat doesn’t carry you home.



I also tried to pay attention to my feet today. Namely, the way that they hit the ground. I’ve always thought that I was a heel striker, since I’ve heard that it’s the most popular running style. I didn’t imagine that my body would do anything other than follow the crowd, especially as a beginner runner. However, I’m beginning to think that I’m more of a mid-foot striker. I keep my feet under me, I’m not reaching out with a super long stride, and I couldn’t distinctly tell that my heel was hitting the ground first. I think I’m going to tape myself on the treadmill tomorrow and analyze, since I don’t think that John’s does that and I’m not paying for it. [Do they Char? What’s Jim got going on at the Palomar store?]

So, with week three of Run the Bluegrass training complete, I’m working on finishing The godforsaken Road. UGHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

You guys getting ready for the playoffs? What do you think – all Harbaugh Super Bowl time? I’m not sure about the 49ers, but I’d rather see the Ravens than the Patriots in the big game. Especially since the Patriots are part of the axis of evil.



3 thoughts on “Upon Sage Advice

  1. Colin DeWaay says:

    Getting out of our own way is a major struggle sometimes isn’t it? When we listen to ourselves, though, man that’s a great feeling and good things usually come from it! I think we talked about this already but I’m totally with you on slowing down the pace and just enjoying the run. Makes such a HUGE difference in the enjoyment of it all, which obviously is important for sustainability. Woohoo! 🙂

  2. runnerbydefault says:

    Good job on your run. Nothing wrong with slow and steady. A run is a run and it is definitely faster than a walk. Keep up the good work!!

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