Like a Grown Up – For Real

Please ignore how dirty the glass of my oven is.

Please ignore how dirty the glass of my oven is.

There it is. A Dutch oven in the oven. Do you know what’s in that Dutch oven? It’s my very first adult like venture into the world of cooking with red wine. I made coq au vin. Shut the front door, right? Right. We had some chicken thighs in the kitchen and I told Joel I would come up with something to do for them. So I got my little brain a thinking, and figured that it would be a good time to try out a classic French dish.

Your chicken turns purple. Legit.

Your chicken turns purple. Legit.

There it issssssssss, minus the mushrooms which I hadn’t added yet. It was pretty great! I used a combination of Ina Garten’s recipe from Back to Basics (not the Christina Aguliera CD) and one that I found on epicurious from Bon Appetit. I didn’t have any cognac (who still has cognac??), which Ina called for, but the epicurious one didn’t, so I figured we would be fine. And we were. Next time I would use the traditional, bone in chicken (our thighs were boneless), and I would cook the bacon longer. Still yum!! And according to the dude at Whole Foods’ wine shop, the wine we used would make it taste “so dope,” and it pretty much did. Yay!

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dope

soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo dope

Ina's cookbook

Ina’s cookbook

I am SO SORE from my cross training with Jillian yesterday. I bought her Ripped in 30 DVD with a Target gift card I got for Christmas, and while I have no notions of being “ripped in 30”, I will be keeping track of my measurements and reporting back after using it 30 times. There are 4 weeks of workouts, each with 3 circuits of her 3-2-1 system. Which is 3 minutes of strength, 2 minutes of cardio, 1 minute of abs. She also boasts that none of the workouts are repeated from week to week, so there’s always something new going on and you won’t get bored.

I didn’t realize quite how sore I was until I went for my run this morning. Holy crap. Which I guess is good. Another thing I learned on my run today was that it was freaking cold (although not as cold as “feels like -2”). And windy! I went with a puffy vest today and I added gloves and a headband for added wind protection and it went pretty well. I’m glad I grabbed a vest instead of just a t-shirt because I would have died. Literally.



I couldn’t get into a rhythm in the first mile. I started too fast, then tried to compensate by going too slow, then my legs hurt, etc., etc. So I just kept my head down and tried to focus on my breathing and it got better in the second mile. I would really like this wind to quit. For serious.

what whaaaaat

what whaaaaat

I was going to head to another locale to study today, but I’m just so sore that I don’t want to move. I also don’t want to get dressed. So I’m going to keep the TV very low for background noise, and on shows that I’m not interested in, and camp out on the couch in my sweats. My last week of freedom is almost over, and I’m sad about it, so this is where I stay.



6 thoughts on “Like a Grown Up – For Real

  1. Jean says:

    Coq au vin is delicious! And yours looks exquisite. Blogland has made me too terrified to try Jillian’s workouts. Maybe someday I’ll have the courage… Way to push through a difficult first mile!

    • amandakash says:

      Jillian on the whole terrifies me, but I needed some motivation. And I figure a thirty day challenge, even if it takes me much longer since I’m doing it 3x/wk instead of 5-6, will give me something to look forward to in the end. I’ve set too many arbitrary goals and given up!

  2. runnerbydefault says:

    You go girl!! That cold air burns my throat. I am such a wuss. 🙂

    Your dinner looks great and it sounds so fancy too!!

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