Sunday Funday

And by Funday I mean Restday/Studyday. I was super accountable and on track this week so I just have to remember I can’t eat the calories I normally would since I’m not officially working out. I do plan on doing some yoga and some foam rolling, but nothing crazy.

Yesterday I was supposed to go to pilates with my cousin, but I woke up too late because I’m lame. But I did get my 3 miles in, and then I got to go bowling!! We had a mini nursing reunion and it was so much fun! We even got to do a game of “cosmic” bowling with all the crazy lights and music. Although it was much different than the last time I went cosmic bowling, which was probably in the 7th grade.

You know it.

You know it.





How lovely.

How lovely.

Tonight will be the third time I’ve made our overnight oatmeal, and I’m looking to switch up some of the fruits. It’s going to be GREAT, as usual. I really, really recommend it for it’s ease of assembly, deliciousness, and ability to take it on the go. The recipe calls for dividing it into 4 portions, but that was too much oatmeal in one sitting for me so we split it into 6. Which also means it lasts 3 days instead of 2.

Dry parts of the recipe.

Dry parts of the recipe.

Toss a tablespoon or two of chopped walnuts on there before you eat and boom – ready to go.



5 thoughts on “Sunday Funday

  1. Jean says:

    Cosmic bowling-you mean bowling with black lights and glowing highlighters?! I used to love stuff like that.

    I have a version of overnight oatmeal but it doesn’t involve cooking anything (just add it all together and let it soak!). It’s delicious.

    • amandakash says:

      Yeah – black lights. They called it “glow-bowl” down here but that felt a little forced. And I don’t remember it being so hard to see… I feel so old.

      Is it cold? I used to make cold overnight oatmeal with oats, Greek yogurt, milk and berries and stuff. It was quite scrumptious.

      • Jean says:

        Yes, cold! I usually just mix oats, milk, banana, and walnuts and stick it in the fridge. I’ve been eating it daily for 4+ months now and surprisingly still love it!

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