Just Call Me Emeril

Oh baby.

Oh baby.

Or Alton. Or Bobby. Or whatever. The point is that I really impressed myself tonight. The theme was puff pastry and it was magical.

I mentioned yesterday that I was making pork wellington tonight and I did just that. I used Alton Brown’s recipe with some techniques from Gordon Ramsay’s beef wellington that I picked up from one of his holiday episodes. I’m not a huge fan of pork that isn’t bacon or barbeque, so Joel said that if tenderloin didn’t convert me that nothing would.


The short recipe version is that you take off the silver skin of the tenderloin, cut it in half, flip the pieces so that the tenderloin is the same width all the way through, wrap it in proscutto, roll out some puff pastry, slab some whole grain mustard on there, roll it all up and bake it. Oh, and stuff some dried apples in between the pieces of tenderloin. It was all very tasty. Especially the apples which I was worried about. But I guess since everyone always pairs apples with pork I shouldn’t have been that surprised.

Don't mind my meat thermometer.

Don’t mind my meat thermometer.




I’m still not a pork convert. So since I did alright on this I think we’ll try legit beef wellington next time. Even though the amount and quality of filet would probably cost $60 to make. But that’s beside the point.

Once I had some puff pastry my craving could not be satisfied. So I googled “quick puff pastry dessert” and found this. Which lead me to this. Which was the base of what I used to make our desert. Crazy pioneer woman called for 4 apples and a full cup of brown sugar. She must be using micro apples or something because I used one apple, 1/2 cup of brown sugar and I had apple slices left over.


Into the oven they go!

Into the oven they go!







MOAR PUFF PASTRY. Get on the train.



2 thoughts on “Just Call Me Emeril

  1. runnerbydefault says:

    That dessert looks awesome! Almost makes me want to start cooking, almost!! Not quite. I will live vicariously through you!!

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