Where Am I?



And now, for a very non-Valentine’s Day post…

Let me make one thing clear: I am very happy that I am employed, and that my employer is ensuring that new hires/new grads are up to snuff on training and knowledge. That being said – I thought I was done with school! Hahaha, I’ve been sitting on the computer for two days straight trying to make a dent in these online classes and I feel like I’m going nowhere fast. They don’t all have to be done immediately, in fact we have a schedule for them to be completed – but I’m dying here.


It has been super easy for me to get overwhelmed and push off getting my fitness on. I’m really good at talking myself out of doing things. Actually, I’m really good at “forgetting” to do things, or “losing track of time”. I just feel overwhelmed, and when I get overwhelmed I tend to just concentrate on one thing. I’m not saying that I haven’t made the time – I just haven’t made it a priority. I think I have a problem right now because even though I have “the day off” and I’m not in the hospital, I’m still responsible for getting a lot of work done so that I can get paid. I don’t want to fall behind, and I want it to be warmer outside. Ugh.

I have decided however, that I’m going to go back to WW when I get paid. I’m ready to commit to making the changes that I need to make. And I know that I’ve done it before with WW and I will do it again. And this way, even if I don’t get in the fitness that I want to, I will at least be adhering to my points/food.

I talked with my preceptor about getting runs in when working 12 hours shifts and she said it’s easier to do on night shift. Which is funny, because it seems like nothing is easier to do on night shift. That being said, getting up before going  in seems more manageable when you start at 7P instead of 7A. And she said when it’s nicer outside, it’s great to run when you get home because it won’t be too hot yet. I’m looking forward to finally getting into my official “work schedule”. Right now I feel like I’m in limbo because I’m not on my unit and I’m not on my shift. So I think that at least making a change (WW) in the right direction will help for now.



3 thoughts on “Where Am I?

  1. Colin DeWaay says:

    Glad you are ready to take that next step with your eating. You’ll make time for fitness, it’s important and you know it and you know it makes you happier and it makes it easier to handle everything else. Even if it does take time away from everything else. Plus, if you stop, you’ll have to listen to me nag you over and over! LOL

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