Alright Already



Okay, I think I can breathe for a second and update. We had an exam this morning so even though I have a pile of online modules to complete, at least I can be relieved that I’m done with the “real” stuff. Not that all of it isn’t real (if you don’t pass you kind of lose your job), but paper tests always give me more anxiety.


I’ve been back on Weight Watchers (WW) since February 15th. It was the day I got paid! Haha – go figure right. It’s the way of the world, my friends. With the online program you are in complete control of your tools. I’m not big on meetings. I get too competitive and then get down on myself if I don’t do as well as someone else. Plus sometimes I just get irritated with people. Like I said, the way of the world. So the online tools let me read articles, success stories, meal plans, and the like at my pace and using as much or as little time as I want. I was very successful the last time I committed to the program (I lost 30+ pounds), but after some unforeseen incidents most of it came back.

I made my weigh in day on Monday so that I have to be good on the weekends. It used to be Sunday, but then I found myself being more lax on Sundays and then having to make it up during the week. Which is fine sometimes, but not good to make it a regular thing.

I think setting little goals (5%, 10%, etc.) are GREAT ways to feel like you're actually accomplishing something when you have a long way to go.

I think setting little goals (5%, 10%, etc.) are GREAT ways to feel like you’re actually accomplishing something when you have a long way to go.

One thing I’ve really embraced is making sure I “eat back” my activity points. I’m pretty sure we’re all on the same page about depriving yourself too many calories and it being counterproductive. Good. Moving on.

I thought that having a ton of time off from school before starting work would allow me to get into this awesome schedule with cooking, shopping, and working out, but I was wrong. What I’ve found that I actually need is a schedule, preferably one that I know in advance, to build around. We’ve been doing well, the Joel and I, as far as prepping at home, having healthy snacks, and sizing down our portions. I’m pretty proud of us.

On that note – here are some baller ass commercials that I need you all to see.

Every time I watch him block something I think they can’t get better. And then he punches that kid’s cereal and I die.


I miss this guy. He’s always Russian or German in movies but he’s Swedish in real life. I had to look it up. I typically say, “You get a EFF!” at least twice a day so now you all know what I’m talking about at least.


Arguably the best fake commercial of all time.



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