Fears and Things



I was terrified that my scale was inaccurate. As an obsessive compulsive weigh-er, this was an issue. And one I sought to remedy in a timely manner. So I took to Amazon and found the best rated scale for my price range and found the one above. And it was as I feared – not only was my other scale inaccurate (compared to this one), but I was also 4 – 5 pounds heavier than I thought I was. I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing. I put the weight into my weight tracker which meant I admitted a gain, but maybe I didn’t really gain you know? Maybe I was heavier all along and I actually have lost weight from the beginning but now I’m back on track I think. Plus it’s got a really wide foot pad and a backlit screen.



My friend Ashley over at A Witty Life interviewed me for her blog. I thought it was pretty cool so here is the link to check it out. And yes, I read it in the dark in my garage because I’m so vain that I wanted to see my words on another person’s blog immediately and now I’m telling you about it as soon as I can so you can check out her blog! She’s funny, smart, witty (duh), and probably the coolest dresser I know.

Does everyone watch and or read Game of Thrones?? I’m obsessed right now and had a long discussion about it this morning. We got an Apple TV so now I can watch HBO go on the TV instead of the iPad. It’s probably the best invention of all time. I never have to leave the house for real now.

I had a go at the treadmill yesterday. Walked a minute, ran 10, walked 1, ran 5, walked 1, ran 5, walked 1, then the last 5 minutes I kept turning up the speed every minute. The last five minutes are always the most difficult. I know I’m close to the end but I just want to walk. It’s a treadmill thing. I can’t wait until it’s consistently nicer here so that I can kick it outside again.

So another fear… I want to sign up for the Iron Horse Half Marathon in October. BUT I think that signing up for a half marathon as my first race is dumb. I don’t want to pay to do a 5k because they’re a ton of money for 3 miles that I can do behind my house for free. So do I sign up for the half and then try to do like a 10k or something before hand if something comes up? Help me people. I’m lost. I’m floundering. I have no goals.

And lets all get pumped for Biggest Loser finale on Monday – I know this lady is!

In honor of their makeovers a few episodes ago – I cut off all my hair. Not really. I mean, yes I cut it all off but it wasn’t because of Biggest Loser. It’s because long hair is a pain in the ass and I get too hot. So it’s done. WORD.

womp womp womp

womp womp womp



14 thoughts on “Fears and Things

  1. Alyssa says:

    Pretty haircut! I found you over on A Witty Life.
    I’m trying to get into running. Or just exercise in general.
    I’m halfway using the Couch to 5K plan but mostly just being super lazy about it. I’m sure I’ll find some fun inspiration on your blog! 🙂

    • amandakash says:

      Thank you – and thanks for stopping by!!
      Having faith in the program is a huge component. I had to repeat a bunch of weeks too, no big. You can do it. I’m super lazy still and I finished it!

  2. Charlotte says:

    I’ve read the GoT books. You know he still hasn’t written the ending right? Just a heads up.
    Yes. Sign up for the IronHorse. There are plenty of races between now and then. That gives you a long term goal.

    • amandakash says:

      I think you told me that before. But they’re so good! And I feel like they’re an investment because I can’t tear through them as quickly as I do other books.
      Okay. YES. And we can go to Raven Run at some point! Wooooooo

  3. Colin DeWaay says:

    Give yourself a goal and go for it. Use it as inspiration to keep moving. The only one who can tell you what the right race is, however, is you! Dig deep and your gut will tell you. If you think you can do a half marathon I think you should do it.

    P.S. – You didn’t get weight, obviously, you just have an accurate reading now. Big difference!

  4. runnerbydefault says:

    I love your new haircut!! So cute!

    You got that right…..I am so pumped for BL on Monday!! I am going to have to tape it though because my niece turns 21 and we are all going out for drinks at 7:30. For real? I won’t be staying out late. I have a T.V. show to watch!! 🙂

    My first race was a half marathon. You can do it!! I am with you on signing up for 5k’s. I am not a fast runner so those short races weren’t made for me. I think finishing a half marathon always feels like such an accomplishment. That is something that you don’t get with a shorter race. 9 or 10 miles is as far as you need to train for. The rest will just happen thanks to adrenaline!!! Go for it!!

    I am heading over to check out your interview now. How cool!!! 🙂

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