Anytime I think about dancing, this is what I think of (please excuse the poor quality):


I did Zumba tonight at a nearby church and it. was. AWESOME. I was a little wary because I’ve never done Zumba and I was alone (no one else was able to make it unfortunately), but I’m so glad I went. Especially because it was free. I danced in my younger days. Hell, I was in a dance group in college, but I haven’t found an outlet here to experience something that used to be a passion. Geez it felt good. I haven’t had an endorphin rush like that in a while. Not from running, not from DVDs, and it was awesome. I’m hoping to organize a weekly get together with my friends so that we can see each other and be active. It’s affordable and happens most days of the week so I’ll gladly try to organize and annoy the crap out of them until they go motivate.

What’s your absolute favorite workout? What do you wish you could do but haven’t had the chance or the opportunity?

Something I want to try is Crossfit, and I have a Groupon so a friend and I will be trying it soon!!



9 thoughts on “Dancing

  1. runnerbydefault says:

    I have recently become addicted to a Pulse fitness class. It started out as Zumba but since they use more hip hop music than latin music they had to change the name. It is sooo much fun and I sweat my a$$ off!! Luckily they turn the lights down so nobody can see me fumbling around with the dance moves!! 🙂

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