Read With Me

After finishing book #13 of the year today, I figured I could share the links to my reviews on the Cannonball site. I’ve honestly been too lazy to cross post, so this is going to just be a massive update.

I feel like I’ve read 100 books already but it’s humbling to know I’ve only finished 13. Goodreads (friend me and we can share!) says I’m 2 books behind pace now. Woo hoo!

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Sorry I’ve been such a loser with updating. I have been reading a lot and have posted reviews on the Cannonball Read site only. According to goodreads I’m 3 books behind my goal of finishing 52 this year, but I just read 3 in less than 72 hours so I’m catching up. My new strategy is to read a bunch of short books to catch up and pad my number, then undertake one of the massive ones on my list. For some reason I picked a bunch of huge ass books to read this year…

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Today was a productive day so far. I finished up my time in my main area that I have been orienting with some sweet and sour chicken and deliciously homemade strawberry shortcake (thanks, Alyssa!!). I look forward to starting on the unit where I will be working, with the people I will be working with, but you all know that I’m nervous about it too. Not anxious, just new kid jitters. The usual.

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In defense of my last post, I was definitely having a lot of feelings, but what I think got lost were some pretty critical points. I am not unhappy, in any way, shape or form, that I have chosen nursing as a career. In fact, quite the opposite. I’m thrilled that I am now part of a profession so diverse and evolving. And rewarding! Even if I have a bad day as far as my “outcome” or goals for patient care, I still know that I am pushing myself and will continue to grow. And that honestly and truly, there was nothing more I could have done.

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Feelings: I Have Them


I know, it’s weird. I’m a woman so I’m overly emotional (right?) and prone to outbursts regarding those emotions (right?) so it’s only appropriate that I talk about them publicly (right.). I just came from my first BSN residency meeting, which I wasn’t quite clear on (and still am not) the purpose of. I understand that it’s a place where we can feel comfortable being uncomfortable, and learn that we are not alone in our feelings of frustration, especially with ourselves, for not knowing what everyone else already knows. But I’m not sure what today accomplished, other than introduce us to that notion (which we already knew about from being on the floor), and some other people in that same position. Anyway, it brought up some feelings that I have concerning where I am in my nursing career.

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