Sore, Sore-er, Sore-est

Okay, so Day Two of bootcamp was yesterday and I’m probably the most sore I’ve ever been in my entire life. My back was killing me yesterday when I got home though so I think I over did it. Plus I have no core strength so I use my back more than I’m supposed to. While I wait for Cassie to get up and acknowledge my soreness, I’m debating whether or not I should go back today. I am at least going to go walk around and do some yoga, because I know laying down all day isn’t going to help anything. As much as I might think it will.


So I’ll tell you more about my experience at my Crossfit bootcamp.

I had a Groupon for Crossfit Maximus that offered six weeks of unlimited bootcamp or Academy classes. The Academy is what you do before you do Crossfit for real. We went with bootcamp. You also get a body analysis, an hour massage, and four specialty Crossfit classes. Basically, it was a great deal.

Monday we died. After the warmup we did (or were supposed to do) 4 rounds of the following:

  • 200 jump rope
  • 20 clam shell type sit ups
  • 20 tuck jumps
  • 20 reverse leg lifts
  • 20 squats
  • 20 burpees

Cassie got further than I did. I still had leg lifts, squats, and burpees left when they called time. Holy crap. I’ve never worked out like that – and we didn’t even have any equipment!! And when you look at it, it really doesn’t look like a lot. But it was terrible. In a good way.

So yesterday… Well, I’ll just show you the picture I took of the board.


Like I said, yesterday my back was killing me. But after laying down and having Joel rub some Icy Hot on it, I was able to sleep a little bit and it feels better today. However, I believe the back pain was masking the soreness of the rest of my body! I’m really in rough shape today! So we’re going to play it by ear about bootcamp today, and even if we don’t go we’ll be walking around or something. After I get the oil changed in my car. Who reached 10,000 miles yesterday! I’m so proud!

photo (1)


Have you done any super duper crazy challenging workouts lately? How do you beat muscle soreness?



4 thoughts on “Sore, Sore-er, Sore-est

  1. Colin DeWaay says:

    You beat muscle soreness by sticking with your workouts and getting in shape. I don’t mean that in a smart ass kind of way at all, just being real! If you get addicted like I am you start to crave the soreness and miss it when it doesn’t happen. Sick huh? 🙂

  2. runnerbydefault says:

    That sounds pretty intense!! I was so sore the first time I did Pulse (similar to Zumba but with a lot more squats/kicks/lunges). All I could do the next day was lay in bed!! I feel your pain. The more you do it, the less sore you will be. At least that is how it is for me and Pulse. I take ibuprofen which seems to help.

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