Training Plans


So I’ve been 95% on track with my training for the Iron Horse so far (seriously, you all should come run it with me), and I’m pretty excited about it. I based my plan on Jeff Galloway’s plan that’s on the rundisney website. But I’m not following it exactly. He basically tells you to break down your run into run/walk increments based on your goal speed for the race. This was fine when I started back from my sabbatical, but now I’ve migrated from it a bit.

This morning Joel and I set out (a little too late) for four miles. He’s faster than me so this is what I saw for most of the run after our warmup walk:


Today instead of doing the jog two minutes/walk one minute, I decided to just jog for as long as I could and take walk breaks if I needed them. This went well. I was way more relaxed about just finishing instead of maintaining a certain speed. Due to this relaxation, I think I went faster than I was during my jog/walk training. I’ll probably keep doing the jog/walk combo for my short runs during the week, but maybe increase the run time based on how I feel.

My two short runs during the week are just 30 minutes of moving. I think this takes some of the pressure off since there isn’t a set mileage I need to hit everyday, and if I need to walk it doesn’t take me any longer to complete the session. Catch my drift?

Anyway, back to the run today. Like I said, it went well, even though it was interrupted by a pit stop at home to, umm, take care of business. I learned this lesson the hard way – if you take care of business in the morning, then make sure you do it before you set out for a run, it will really make your life easier. And you won’t be afraid of having to crouch in the bushes behind people’s houses. It seriously almost came to that. Too much? Eh, we’re all adults here. Moving on.

I have yet to figure out how early I need to wake up now that summer is upon us, but it should be earlier than what I did today. Good thing I bought that water bottle, because I would have been ruined without it.

How is your training going? What races are you looking forward to this fall? What are your goals for this summer?

Mine will definitely have something to do with packing, painting, and furnishing. And eating more of these:





7 thoughts on “Training Plans

  1. runnerbydefault says:

    Yummo! That cupcake looks awesome! Good job on the training. The only race I have definitely signed up for is the Biggest Loser half marathon in September in Racine, Wisconsin. I am still thinking about the Iron Horse. I almost did a crazy thing and signed up for a sprint triathlon next month but luckily I came back to my senses and realized I needed more than a month to train for that!!

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