And We’re Priming

WHAT?! THREE POSTS IN THREE DAYS?! Get ahold of yourself people. We’re all going to survive.

Thumbs up!!

Thumbs up!!

Home revamp is in full swing. We stopped by Lowe’s and picked up some supplies to start priming – primer (duh), more tape, trays, rollers, drip cloth, bucket for ladder painting, etc. I was going to do all of this with mom but Joel wanted to at least get the priming under way. There are a lot of colors in this place, and several of them are very deep colors, mostly in shades of mucous (thanks Jen, it’s so true). Since what we want is lighter, we need to prime. We went with the Valspar drastic color change to get the best coverage. We figured that between the rooms we’re doing first, we would need about 869 square feet. Each gallon supposedly covered 400 square feet. We used one gallon in the dining room, and may need more touch ups, so either the walls in that room are rather porous, the color is darker than we thought, or we bought cheap primer. Either way, we don’t have a 400 square foot dining room, I assure you.

One room down, three more to go. In this round at least.

One room down, three more to go. In this round at least.

We didn’t tape the trim because we are going to have to paint it. It’s like, light yellow, it’s not even off white. And that’s definitely not the look we’re going for. I took some before pictures so that we can do a full comparison when it’s all done, which will not be for weeks. Mom is a pro, literally she used to do interiors for cash money, so I look forward to having her guidance whenever she can take time out of her super busy life to help! She still has two young kids to run around after all.

We pretty much had to paint around the cat. Probably will have to do something about that when the actual painting commences. Apparently it made him extremely tired.

image (5)

Are you an expert painter? What’s your favorite way to (relatively) cheaply freshen up a room?



2 thoughts on “And We’re Priming

  1. runnerbydefault says:

    Ugh! Priming and painting are the worst! I always get stuck doing it so I can make sure it gets done properly. It will be worth it once it is all done though.

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