I had been bothered by the look of my blog for a while. It seemed too busy but I hadn’t found a free substitute, and I wasn’t blogging enough to really do anything about it. So this little number fits the bill. It’s fresh and light and not bogged down by boxes and lines and things. Huzzah.

Speaking of fresh, I am good to go on this new year as of right now. My physical checked out and my doc is going to review my previous workup, and I’m going to get some blood work done next week. I feel better having talked to someone, especially a doctor that I trust. He said that my blood pressure is fantastic and I can just keep doing what I’m doing.

Which means – another challenge! A friend from high school, who is a fitness instructor and definite healthy living enthusiast, does these accountability groups and thirty day challenges monthly. I’ve mentioned her before when I participated in one (and failed), but I feel like I’ve hit a new low in my fitness and health and am determined to make a positive change.

Maria is a great motivator. She has lost, and kept off, 35lb and is such a positive pilar in the Indianapolis fitness community. I don’t feel like, with some other coaches, that she is just a salesman trying to make money. Obviously she wants to make money, we all do, but that is not the main focus behind her healthy living campaign.

The most weight I have lost has been about 30lb, of which I have gained back about 15. I was on a roll on Weight Watchers. A roll that I have not been able to hit since. I’ve seen success after success with the ladies I work with, but have not been able to make the connection that I once had with the program. Myfitnesspal, I’m convinced, made me gain weight. Lost It! as well. I’m on the lookout for a simple, hopefully free, program that will help me count calories and keep myself in check. Maybe I just need to come up with an algorithm myself. Yeesh.

Another fresh look that we’re trying to take is that of our budgets. Neither Joel nor myself have been the best with budgeting money. We’re not reckless spenders, well, he’s not anyway, but we need to reign in some savings. He came up with a budget spreadsheet thing but it doesn’t make sense to me, so I’ll have to figure out how to do mine in a way that makes sense to me.

My small change for this month is only spending money on necessities. I’m really good at talking myself into “needing” something, when I very well know that I don’t. I’m also going to go through all the stuff that I already have and weed out what I can get rid of. But that doesn’t mean I can replace! I think I could do a lot of good for myself with understanding moderation in all aspects of my life. Other than love. Love in moderation is kind of lame.

So how are your resolutions going? What aspect of your life could use a fresh look?



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