On a Cloud!



Friends, I’m here to tell you that my ballet teacher told me tonight that I had beautiful control in my jumps and that it looked like I was landing on a cloud! Can you believe it?!

She came over to me after class and started with, “I didn’t want to call you out in front of everyone, but…” and I’m not going to lie, I was praying for a compliment! And I definitely got one!! Like for serious. I’ve never given my jumps a second thought, other than wanting them higher or my legs straighter amiright? But that was such a beautiful thing to say.

I’ve been loving ballet. I wish it was more often. Like 100 times a week. Not that I can even go that many times. But I would love love love a weekend afternoon class. We’ve also switched to just tap instead of tap and jazz and that’s been fantastic too.

Just great dancing all around. So stay tuned for more!



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