It’s coming. It’s coming. It’s coming.

Season two of city.ballet!

Please believe I consumed all of season one in one sitting. Not difficult. Each episode is like six minutes long. But it’s a behind the scenes look at the New York City Ballet (aka, City Ballet, duh) dancers. Season one goes through the ranks and then has special focus on Swan Lake and other features. I devoured this. I’ve never seen a high profile ballet company perform live, but I’m obsessed with City Ballet. More Balanchine is always a good thing. And I especially loved Strictly Ballet, which followed students at the School of American Ballet, the school that feeds into NYCB.

Man, if I had known that ballet could be a job when I was younger I wonder if things would have turned out differently. Would I have quit? Why did I quit? I know I was more interested in gymnastics for a while but still… Anyway, woulda shoulda couldas will eat me up so let’s move on.

I first became interested in City Ballet when I started reading dancer biographies. Allegra Kent and Gelsey Kirkland were the first two I picked up. I had just discovered I could order used books on Amazon for like 10 cents, so my collection expanded rather quickly.

Anyway. I’m pumped for more ballet behind the scenes. Especially if I can watch Sara Mearns do her hair some more. I swear she’s magic.



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