I’m an avid fan and follower of Bangs and a Bun, so when I read about her #80MileMonth I was intrigued. (She is also offering a virtual training buddy program to go along with it, FYI.) She makes every December an #80MileMonth so that she is accountable (by putting it online) and ready to jump start the new year ahead of time. You know, instead of waiting until January like everyone else. Kind of smart if you think about it.

So my version of that is going to be a #40WorkoutMonth. It’s not feasible for me to run every day before work. I know myself and even putting it on the blog and in the internet space will not make me wake up prior to 5am to run on subsequent days. Plus, I’m still struggling with 2 mile runs every other day, so getting 2.5 (at least) every day is just dumb at my current fitness level. So to make it work I am going to push myself to do some kind of fitness activity every single day and more than that on my days off. You’ll hear all about it on here, and I’ll probably complain about it on Twitter too.

Each activity has to be at least fifteen minutes, and in order to include two of them a day they either need to be totally different (i.e., running and yoga) or separated by a substantial amount of time (i.e., thirty minutes of yoga in the morning and thirty minutes in the evening). This way I won’t just do three different fifteen minute yoga classes to cheat. I promise, if there is a way to cheat the system, I will typically find it and exploit it.

I think this is a great idea. For me, making it a “workout” goal instead of just running helps me to meet my terms. But it still pushes me to get active and not just lay around all month. I have been running more recently, so I will be glad to incorporate that into my days off.

So you should probably join me. Make it whatever you need it to be to work for you. I want to succeed, and you should too!


May the Wind Be Always at Your Back

You know those perfect days where no matter which way you turn there’s just a slight breeze at your back? Guiding you along and providing some relief from the heat? Today is not one of those days. I woke up thinking the house was caving in, and then when I tried to run outside a little later it was like the wind said, “eh! Eff you!” The temperature is nice enough but the gale force winds are another story.

I wanted to change up my route (you know, so I don’t get murdered) and then I ended up doing a little loopy thing instead of out and back. Which would have been nice if I hadn’t had to walk some of it because it was like pushing a car uphill. Geez. I make a lot of rookie errors when it comes to running outdoors, but at the same time I feel like I don’t have a choice. Because if I didn’t run now I wouldn’t do it, so I guess I just need to work on my beastmode [please note that my phone changed “beastmode” to “beagle”, so maybe I need to work on that instead].

How’s your Monday shaping up? I hope you have a great fucking day, my friend.


Artsy Fartsy


Nope, I didn't paint this. My actual artist friend did.

A few friends and I did one of those painting things tonight. You know, where you go to a little store and they give you a canvas with a plate for your paint and then all the type A – OCDers (aka us) immediately start to dry heave. There are no rules, they just give you a guideline and Bob Ross your asses as they “teach” you how to paint.


Some actual blue grass.

I will admit that I really thought I was going to fuck this up. Especially when I saw the painting we were supposed to be working from. But it turned out alright. Plus they’re all, “hey you want to do a butterfly? Cool! But your friend doesn’t? Cool! They can do a moon! Or a caterpillar! Or whatever the fuck they want!” Except they did get a little testy when I tried to switch plates because we had a group coming but they didn’t seat us right. That was the only part of the night that had rules.


Mine is on the left.

Our group leader friend picked a non-holiday themed piece, which I didn’t understand at the time, but now I realize that if you actually made a painting that looked nice you wouldn’t necessarily want a reindeer or a snowman adorning your walls all year round. So I appreciate that decision. At $35 it was a bit expensive, but it was nice to see all these ladies outside of work and be able to make something nice together.

I may have also discussed putting a TARDIS in the middle of mine instead of a butterfly, but just stuck with the program.


However, the TARDIS would have looked great with the Dalek.

I think I would do this again. And I would invite more people. They do private parties that don’t cost any extra, so that might be nice for a birthday or something fun with a large group. Although all of us collectively, friends and strangers, basically complained about how bad we were at painting, so there’s a nice group atmosphere as well.


Of course my eyes are closed.

Have you done something like this before? The only other thing I’ve done like it was a pottery painting class, which may be a little less stressful for your type A’s, since there’s more structure. Still fun, I promise!


My painted blowfish with his broken tail.




Why yes I did paint my nails just for you.

I’m never cold at work. I’m mostly swearing sweating at work. But of course the day I don’t bring a scrub jacket or wear a long sleeve shirt I’m freezing my ass off. I even drank hot coffee today. I drink iced coffee year round because I’m almost always perspiring. Geez. What is this, bizarro day?



Our recital costumes came in last week. Cool right? Except that the top of my leotard wasn’t covering, oh, the top third of my bra. No bueno. So I immediately go into panic mode: searching for long sleeve nude leos, camisole nude leos (that will actually fit), nude sports bras, dance bras (that will actually cover my bra requiring area, do you see the trend yet?), breast reduction, etc., etc. Then I remember that my mom’s neighbor is a seamstress, so I hit them up for some help.

I had found some diy stuff but was unwilling to cut my already paid for costume that I would undoubtedly ruin and still need to wear, so I sought the help of a professional. She basically did this, but at the seam of the leo, because of course it’s blue velvet and white lycra, thus increasing my chances of ruining it. It is so much better!!! And I will hopefully not be suffering any wardrobe malfunctions, at least not for that reason.

It is ridiculously difficult to find dancewear for a large bust. I’m not saying I’m not large in other areas too, but this is my most difficult body section to fit. Discount dance has about three plus size leotards, and they’re all the same. I wish I could wear the cool and beautiful leotards that normal people wear. Le sigh.

More recital news to come! Plus possibly pictures!


Seizing, But Not in a Seizure Kind of Way

So I’m talking with this friend, whom I always talk to about shit like this, and I realize that I’m cheating myself and taking this whole life experience for granted. Instead of embracing all the wonder and amazingness that I can grab, I flit around afraid of stupid shit and making excuses. Why? Why? I don’t know why, but I want to change it.

We’ve had our share of sad and tragic stories on the unit. Young people who are supposed to have their whole lives ahead of them are robbed of limbs, independence, or life itself. It’s terrible. But it can surely light a fire under your ass if you’re slacking or questioning, “what’s the point?”

What’s the point of running a mile every day?
To build up some fitness. To build up some endurance. To help me do the dancing that I love to do. To pump my blood and exercise my body. To help my body be able to carry itself easier and with purpose. To use the legs that I still have. To not take for granted the fact that I am here and I am alive. So that the next time you ask me, “how’s your 5280 going?” I don’t have to laugh and shake my head, admitting that I failed three days in.

So I’m going to do it. I’m going to seize the day, the opportunity, this experience, this life. And it’s going to be great. Who’s with me?