Our recital costumes came in last week. Cool right? Except that the top of my leotard wasn’t covering, oh, the top third of my bra. No bueno. So I immediately go into panic mode: searching for long sleeve nude leos, camisole nude leos (that will actually fit), nude sports bras, dance bras (that will actually cover my bra requiring area, do you see the trend yet?), breast reduction, etc., etc. Then I remember that my mom’s neighbor is a seamstress, so I hit them up for some help.

I had found some diy stuff but was unwilling to cut my already paid for costume that I would undoubtedly ruin and still need to wear, so I sought the help of a professional. She basically did this, but at the seam of the leo, because of course it’s blue velvet and white lycra, thus increasing my chances of ruining it. It is so much better!!! And I will hopefully not be suffering any wardrobe malfunctions, at least not for that reason.

It is ridiculously difficult to find dancewear for a large bust. I’m not saying I’m not large in other areas too, but this is my most difficult body section to fit. Discount dance has about three plus size leotards, and they’re all the same. I wish I could wear the cool and beautiful leotards that normal people wear. Le sigh.

More recital news to come! Plus possibly pictures!



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