Artsy Fartsy


Nope, I didn't paint this. My actual artist friend did.

A few friends and I did one of those painting things tonight. You know, where you go to a little store and they give you a canvas with a plate for your paint and then all the type A – OCDers (aka us) immediately start to dry heave. There are no rules, they just give you a guideline and Bob Ross your asses as they “teach” you how to paint.


Some actual blue grass.

I will admit that I really thought I was going to fuck this up. Especially when I saw the painting we were supposed to be working from. But it turned out alright. Plus they’re all, “hey you want to do a butterfly? Cool! But your friend doesn’t? Cool! They can do a moon! Or a caterpillar! Or whatever the fuck they want!” Except they did get a little testy when I tried to switch plates because we had a group coming but they didn’t seat us right. That was the only part of the night that had rules.


Mine is on the left.

Our group leader friend picked a non-holiday themed piece, which I didn’t understand at the time, but now I realize that if you actually made a painting that looked nice you wouldn’t necessarily want a reindeer or a snowman adorning your walls all year round. So I appreciate that decision. At $35 it was a bit expensive, but it was nice to see all these ladies outside of work and be able to make something nice together.

I may have also discussed putting a TARDIS in the middle of mine instead of a butterfly, but just stuck with the program.


However, the TARDIS would have looked great with the Dalek.

I think I would do this again. And I would invite more people. They do private parties that don’t cost any extra, so that might be nice for a birthday or something fun with a large group. Although all of us collectively, friends and strangers, basically complained about how bad we were at painting, so there’s a nice group atmosphere as well.


Of course my eyes are closed.

Have you done something like this before? The only other thing I’ve done like it was a pottery painting class, which may be a little less stressful for your type A’s, since there’s more structure. Still fun, I promise!


My painted blowfish with his broken tail.



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