Holy Spin Class Batman


I went to my first ever official spin class this morning. I say official because I’ve been on the bike in the gym and I’ve done those virtual classes, but this was the first actual group class I’ve done.

It was fun! But holy moly my ass hurts.

There’s a place in town called CycleYOU and they offer all kinds of group classes for cycling, TRX, and yoga. A friend and I did the 60 minute Body Blast with Kai, who was very very good. At least I thought so from my limited amount of class experience. They turn the lights out and have flameless candles around the room, as well as people whose job it is to refill your water bottle and pick things up so you don’t have to unclip.


We parked in the back, duh.

Speaking of unclipping, they let the first time riders use their shoes for free, PLUS your first class is free, so it’s wins all around. You can also rent shoes per class or buy them.


There's Kai!

I have a Groupon for another three classes that I will definitely be using. After that I will make a decision about buying a package. But I really think I could get behind this place. It has the right kind of vibe for me. Plus the people are helpful but not in your face, which I like.

Have you ever done a spin class? How long until your ass gets used to the seats? Do you ride road bikes instead? How does it compare?

More updates soon. Plus some ballet people and I are talking about taking an aerial silks class next month, eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!



6 thoughts on “Holy Spin Class Batman

  1. kit says:

    Haven’t tried an “official” spin class, but I have used a stationary bike before and it hurt my ass so much that I insisted on using a cushion… probably not the most effective form for sustained exercise, and I kept having to rearrange it so it wouldn’t slide out with all the pedaling motion – Fail. But I have known several ultra-fit ladies who swear by spin class, so if you stick with i there are rewards.
    Aerial silks sounds awesome! I saw an aerial silk piece as part of this dinner theater thing I went to a few years ago – before ballet – and I remember thinking “I want to do that!” but then never got around to it…

    • amandakash says:

      Yeah there was a point where I just kept standing. I told my friend that I literally could not keep my ass in the saddle for one more second.
      I hope silks works out. The studio also offers pole classes, but I’m not quite there yet 🙂

      • kit says:

        Is pole harder than silks? I don’t know why I figured silks would be harder, perhaps because silk is so silky and easier to slip off but, who knows (shrug)

      • amandakash says:

        Since I’ve not done either of them I can’t say. I just meant I don’t think I’m at a point in my life where I would feel comfortable on a pole, haha.

  2. Le Charlotte says:

    So I’ll weigh in on the ass and road bike questions…everyone is different but it takes 2-3 weeks to get your ass bits used to the saddle and that’s with consistent training. You will essentially build callouses on your ischial tuberosities but they are not as unsightly as the callouses you develop on your feet. I have two suggestions: wear tight bottoms (I recommend knickers or capris to nix the chub rub), wear very comfortable large underpants. Thongs and tiny lacy underwears are great and all but have no place between your lady business and a spin bike saddle.
    Compared to the road, spinning is easier and there are so many variables you don’t have to deal with such as wind (which can make an easy ride a brutal beating), and rolling terrain that Central Kentucky has in spades. There is also simply the difference between propelling yourself forward and balancing on the bike which calls into play more muscles groups than spinning will. But, spinning is still a great way to get interval training into your workout routine and interval training is where it’s at.
    Please keep me informed when you reach that point in your life where you ARE comfortable on a pole.

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