Running Goals [2013]


I decided it was time to make some running specific goals for the year since that’s pretty much all I talk about anymore. At least with tangible, written down goals I’ll have something to check off as the year goes on. So, without further ado…

2013 Running Goals

  • Run a 5k race
  • Run 10k/6 miles
  • Run 10 miles
  • Run a half marathon – preferably a race this year
  • Improve my times to consistently run 12:00 min miles or better

One of the goals I already have for next year is to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon in February. It’s gonna be major.

|Update 01/04/2014|

Of my goals, I completed most of them. I did not run a 5k race, but I consistently ran the distance as a training run throughout the year. I completed 10k/6 miles in my training for the Iron Horse Half Marathon which took place in October 2013. I completed 10 miles and a half marathon, but I wouldn’t say I ran it. Although I do think I ran most of it. But I pretty much blocked it out so it’s all a blur. I did not improve my times to consistently run 12:00 min miles or better, but I did run my fastest mile ever at 10:47.


2 thoughts on “Running Goals [2013]

  1. Ray Is Still Running... says:

    Great set of goals and good luck! You are planning to do as much in 1 year as what took me about 3 but I’m slow and methodical like that. You’ve got me hooked! I’ll follow your blog and check your progress over the year. Feel free to follow mine as well!

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