Oh the Places You’ll Go!

What I’ve done since starting B210K.

Joel and I ran together this morning for the first time ever. We decided to try out the trail at the park, but we didn’t like it and it was confusing so we basically took a random path and stuck to the street, wound around the dog park and struggled with the hills. We still got a little over 4 miles, but with the hills wound in we went a bit slower. Continue reading

I Think I’m Paranoid


Yesterday I ran my furthest distance yet, almost 4.5 miles. I felt good. But there was a point where I passed a moderately shady looking gent and he immediately pulled out his cell phone as I passed him. This made me think that he was alerting someone to my location and I was constantly checking over my shoulder in paranoia the rest of the time. It didn’t really make for a good run. Things have happened to me recently that have put me on edge, and I don’t like being like this. Allow me to explain… Continue reading

Bridge to 10K – Day One + School and Other Tidbits

I downloaded a free app that has the same running program as the Bluefin Software one (which costs $2.99 *without the GPS which is $.99 extra*) and I used it this morning. I wasn’t a huge fan. I guess because I was used to the style and polish of the Bluefin app, it couldn’t really compete. Plus there was no journal, that I could see, or a way to evaluate your previous runs, which is a shame. So I bought the Bluefin one, because I’m a loser, and I input my data from my run into that one, even though I didn’t use it, and I got this: Continue reading


Punch It!

You guys – I am so close to running a full fledged 5k. SO CLOSE. I ran 35 minutes this morning, plus about 5 minutes before and after for warmup and cooldown. I also made sure this morning to stretch out my legs and at least get some blood flowing in them before I stepped outside. I’m not sure if that was what made the difference, but I think this morning was the best my legs felt as far as muscle soreness. But boy oh boy do they get cramped up quick when I get home. I stretched a lot when I got home and after the shower I strapped some ice to my legs to start that process. I really think the ice is helping, even if this is what I look like on the way into work: Continue reading