WHOA. That Was Cray Cray

Thanks baby abercrombie.

Thanks baby abercrombie.

Woke up at 6:30 this AM to make sure I had a sufficient amount of coffee and breakfast in my belly before heading to my exam. It didn’t start until 8 but they wanted us there by 7:30 to fill out paperwork and register. I meant to take a picture of the joint but I was so anxious that I completely forgot. They are legit about security for these exams. You scan not only your fingerprints but your palm veins and then they check your picture every time you go in and out of a door to make sure you didn’t switch with anyone. It only takes on jackass to screw up the system for everyone…

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Lots of Action Over Here

And by that I mean none. Joelarino has been out of town a few days for work so I did a lot of nothing.

Wednesday I went to lunch with a friend who was in town and washed my car. Boom.

Yesterday I watched a lot of TV and went for a run. Then that evening had some cake at my mom’s for my little sister’s 13th birthday.

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Okay Pinterest, You Win


Well really, I win, but these recipes have been good. And I mean good. Since I have the day off and don’t feel like doing school work, but I’m stuck at home (more on that later), I did what any good little house wife would do: I baked a cake. A pumpkin cinnamon roll vanilla sheet cake to be exact. And it is, wait for it, delicious.

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