Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays!


I hope you all have safe and wonderful holidays! I know I love seeing everyone but traveling can be rough so everyone make sure to be careful!!



Should You Lie to Keep the Spirit Alive?


In an effort to not bore you to death with details of my exhausting Christmas travels this year, I propose a question that I’m sure parents around the world are faced with constantly throughout the holiday season: should you lie to your kids about Santa Claus? Continue reading

Books or TV?


I started reading the Rizzoli & Isles books a couple of years ago, before the show on TNT came out. This isn’t a platform for me to pronounce my devotion prior to their hitting the mainstream, it’s just a statement. At first, I thought it was remarkable that author Tess Gerritson could write so skillfully for both of these incredibly different women. Especially since she gave up her career as a medical examiner to become a writer. I loved Rizzoli’s hardheaded intelligence and Isles’ cool, brilliant grace. They were both captivating in their own way and even though I’m only on the fourth book, I thoroughly enjoy their adventures. Continue reading

Malakalekimakah is the Thing to Say


Finally got the tree up last night! I ended up buying a new one since our other one was HUGE and could not fit anywhere since the return of my bed. It was $50 at Target and then I spent $20 on lights. I don’t think it looks as nice as last year even though I used the same decorations. Last year my mom helped me decorate it and she’s AMAZING at that stuff. She made all the bows that are on there. (Awesome picture courtesy of Instagram!) Continue reading