Why yes I did paint my nails just for you.

I’m never cold at work. I’m mostly swearing sweating at work. But of course the day I don’t bring a scrub jacket or wear a long sleeve shirt I’m freezing my ass off. I even drank hot coffee today. I drink iced coffee year round because I’m almost always perspiring. Geez. What is this, bizarro day?



I Need a Nap


So I’m writing this research paper to finish up my class and I have a terrible headache. I’m guessing it’s from not having any coffee this morning as I am quite addicted to it. It doesn’t keep me awake by any means but its really just my beverage of choice in the mornings. Continue reading

Finals Make My Brain Hurt


Happy Sunday! Decided to work out before studying and did 1.66 miles in thirty minutes on level 3/4 on the elliptical. Burned about 265 calories. Woohoo! I am going to participate in a fitness challenge starting next year that a girl I know from high school is sponsoring. You commit to thirty days of exercising and drinking Shakeology and then just see where you go from there. I think it will be a good way to kick off the new year. Continue reading