Alright Already



Okay, I think I can breathe for a second and update. We had an exam this morning so even though I have a pile of online modules to complete, at least I can be relieved that I’m done with the “real” stuff. Not that all of it isn’t real (if you don’t pass you kind of lose your job), but paper tests always give me more anxiety.

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Week One Complete!

Remember those hot pink shoes I was telling you about??

Remember those hot pink shoes I was telling you about??

Yay!! My first week of training for Run the Bluegrass is complete! I know I don’t move as much as some of you (probably all of you) but I pulled down a solid 6.46 miles this week. Pretty great for not having legitimately run since October. I’ve been making sure to only run the mileage that’s laid out in my training plan (all whole numbers), any additional that you see is from walking back and cooling down. So far it’s gone really well and I’m very pleased with my progress. Continue reading

A Matter of Opinion

"All they do is sit in a room and smoke!" - Sadie, 'This is 40'

“All they do is sit in a room and smoke!” – Sadie, This is 40

Ever since I was a kid, I have loved commercials. I know, it’s crazy. Who the heck loves commercials? Isn’t this why DVR was invented? So we could fast forward through them? Maybe, but whatever. You can even ask my mom, when I was a kid I used to stop what I was doing, watch the commercials, and then go back about my business when the show came back. I guess from an early age I was just mesmerized by mindless consumerism. Maybe that’s why I like Mad Men so much…  Continue reading