Nobody Does Steak Like AB + Work Yourself OUT

If at any point I don't know how to prepare something - I ask AB.

If at any point I don’t know how to prepare something – I ask AB.

If you’re unfamiliar with Alton Brown’s show Good Eats, then you need to get your shit in gear. They show them constantly on Food Network and Cooking Channel. Or just type a food/dish + alton brown or good eats into YouTube and you’ll have the episode right there. In the past few months Joel and I have made a habit of making breakfast on Sunday mornings and parking in front of the TV together to watch a good chunk of them. AB KNOWS WHATS WHAT. He’s smart, and he’s snarky, and he makes GOOD EATS!!! Not only that, but he shows you how to do it too. He does away with all the fluff and puff of some more “traditional” cookery, and he won’t keep anything in his kitchen that doesn’t multitask. Basically, I wish we were best friends.

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Like a Grown Up – For Real

Please ignore how dirty the glass of my oven is.

Please ignore how dirty the glass of my oven is.

There it is. A Dutch oven in the oven. Do you know what’s in that Dutch oven? It’s my very first adult like venture into the world of cooking with red wine. I made coq au vin. Shut the front door, right? Right. We had some chicken thighs in the kitchen and I told Joel I would come up with something to do for them. So I got my little brain a thinking, and figured that it would be a good time to try out a classic French dish.

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Shinny Shin Shin


I seem to have finally developed the dreaded shin splints. At first I didn’t think that was what it was because it’s on the inside of my shin, but alas, there’s a muscle there too. I guess this is what I get for thinking that shin splints were the one thing that wouldn’t affect me when it affects so many runners out there. Continue reading

Pizza Party!


I made a BBQ chicken pizza this evening. I tried to make it easy on myself and use a box dough instead of making it from scratch like I usually do. That was a mistake. Maybe I did it wrong, but I never got a dough. I just got this slimy, sticky ball that adhered to everything, causing me to lose at least a quarter of it on my “floured workspace” and my hands. It was a pain to roll out on the pan and it ended up super uneven and weirdly bubbly. And it tasted like a Lunchable pizza crust. But it’s okay, because it was underneath everything. Continue reading