Lessons For the Road


I can't wait to get on the road again...NOT

All I want is a “hey thanks” wave when I let you in. Have we reached a point in society where we can’t even be bothered to throw our hand up in our car or stick it out the window if it’s that kind of weather? I DIDN’T HAVE TO LET YOU IN YOU KNOW.


Acknowledge the non-shittiness of your fellow travelers. It’s our privilege, not our right. And use your turn signals while you’re at it.

(hops off soapbox…)


I’m Free!

Just a quick update: I’m cleared! I’m allowed to drive and workout again! Yippee! My neurologist says that all of my tests came back clear, meaning it definitely wasn’t neurological. I’m just supposed to monitor my heart rate and blood pressure when and after I work out and if I keep having symptoms I should see a cardiologist. I’m cool with that.
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Let’s Talk About Driving

Isn’t she purdy?

Let me preface this post by saying that I am by no means an authority on driving or driving skills. I consider myself a good driver, a little bit of a lead foot, but I’m cautious and I pay attention. Unfortunately I do not live in a part of the country where public transportation benefits outweigh driving benefits, so I drive. And since I commute about 30 miles to school one way, I drive quite a bit.

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