Punch It!

You guys – I am so close to running a full fledged 5k. SO CLOSE. I ran 35 minutes this morning, plus about 5 minutes before and after for warmup and cooldown. I also made sure this morning to stretch out my legs and at least get some blood flowing in them before I stepped outside. I’m not sure if that was what made the difference, but I think this morning was the best my legs felt as far as muscle soreness. But boy oh boy do they get cramped up quick when I get home. I stretched a lot when I got home and after the shower I strapped some ice to my legs to start that process. I really think the ice is helping, even if this is what I look like on the way into work: Continue reading

Just Keep Going


So I decided to get a jump on my day by making sure I got a run in this morning. This was risky because: 1. It’s only been one rest day since my previous run, and 2. It’s still not quite light out when I head out in the mornings. Both things ended up being okay and I had another great run. I’m really working on finding my stride and being able to hold myself on these journeys. Continue reading

Almost There!

I meant to update after my last run on Tuesday but it just didn’t pan out. Let me tell you a little about each one.

Tuesday’s run was a bit of a struggle. I did it in the evening, around 8PM after eating dinner. Normally I don’t like to leave my workout until the end of the day because I know there’s a chance that I won’t be able to get it in. But with my working full time these next two weeks, and not having the motivation to get up in the morning, that’s just the way it’s been going. So I went out for my run and the weather was nice enough. Continue reading

Ease into Whaaaa?

Well hello there!! I’m here to tell you that I just completed 2.74 miles in 38 minutes – and I’m never running on a treadmill again! I swear, there’s no way I would have been able to go as far and as fast as I did if I had been inside. Plus it smells in there. Granted I haven’t bought any cold outside running garb yet, but I managed. Once I started running I was good to go anyway. Continue reading