Weeks Two and Three


Super flattering selfie outside of tap class. Got my sugar and caffeine to make it through.

Alright. So there’s plenty of updates to be posted so let’s get to it.

Monday 12/8: Nada. Migraine = no soup for you.
Tuesday 12/9: Same.
Wednesday 12/10: Ballet, 1 hour.
Thursday 12/11: Ballet, about 30 minutes.
Friday 12/12: Barre, about 35 minutes. Can’t really count our ballet recital, because we only did the dance once (it’s like a 2 minute song) and I only marginally warmed up before hand.
Saturday 12/13 and Sunday 12/14: Nothin’. Fail.
Monday 12/15: Tap, 1 hour.
Tuesday 12/16: T25 Cardio, 25 minutes.
Wednesday 12/17: Yoga, 15 minutes.
Thursday 12/18: T25 Speed 1.0, 25 minutes.
Friday 12/19: Nope. I was sore and lazy.
Saturday 12/20: David Howard Ballet for Beginners DVD, about 45 minutes to 1 hour. I’m not really sure. You have to rewind most of the sections to do the other side and I also had to do it in two parts. Some of those sections are hard. The frappé, I’m not great at anyway, and I smashed my left big toe straight into the ground. The glissade and assemblé section, very fast. And I’ve already discussed how my body was not made for petit allegro. Give me adagio and grand allegro any day kgreatthanks.

So like I said before I probably won’t hit 40, but I’m super pumped about how much I’ve actually done. And this will be a good way to stay in dancing shape until we get back to class.

Later taters!


Lazy, Lazy, Lazy


Somehow this doesn't seem right...

There’s really no other way to describe my less than enthused attitude than laziness. On the days that I don’t work or don’t work a full twelve hours, I have adequate time to squeeze in some fitness. Do I do it? No. I don’t. I need some help. I have some kind of mental block. I will literally sit in the house for hours, deliberating on going out for a jog or doing some kind of at home workout. Hell, I could do some barre stretches or yoga, I love those things! But I don’t do them. All I need to do is get dressed and move but for some reason I never bring myself to do it. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard, but rarely do I regret working up a sweat. Not sure what my problem is.

In other news, ballet and tap are going well. Meghan has us trying for double pirouettes now. Haven’t been able to complete any but I think I did a couple 1.5ers. We are doing more complex barre combinations that have been good and bad. The ones I get I like, but the ones I struggle with I feel frustrated and want to do them over. There have also been a couple of across the floor combinations where I just stop, which is bad, because I can’t remember which way to turn or something silly, when it doesn’t matter and I should just turn. Actually, now that I think about it, I got pretty frustrated in tap and ballet this week. But I guess it’s a sign of improvement if I don’t chuck the whole class as a loss just because of some flubs, right?

So back to motivation. I was so inspired by the runners at the Iron Horse. I have been inspired by my coworkers, who exercise even on days where we work 12-13 hours. I am inspired by my dance classmates, by the dancer blogs that I follow, and the fitness bloggers that I follow. I want to do better in my classes, I want to feel more fit and healthy, I want to have better endurance and strength to provide for my patients. So why don’t I do anything about it? I’m not sure. I don’t know if I’m afraid that I will fail or afraid that I will succeed. Am I afraid that people will criticize? That they will laugh or talk behind my back? I don’t know. Those thoughts don’t enter my mind directly but I worry they are simmering in the background and influencing my choices. I know I shouldn’t give a single fuck about what other people think, but I can’t help but worry that these irrational and petty fears are what hold me back from myself.

How do you get or stay motivated? Have you ever had a serious mental block that held up your training or progress? Does fear show up in your periphery? Or are you just an all around badass and liver of life?



About one month ago (July 1st) I started a diet called the Metabolism Miracle. Now, let’s get one thing straight: I hate the name of this program. It’s pretty dumb. BUT it’s working, so we’ll just call it The Program and go from there shall we?

So, The Program is aimed toward people with diabetes (which I don’t have) and other co-morbidities (that I don’t have) but the whole point is that not everyone has the same metabolism and so not every weight loss plan works the same for everyone. This I can attest to. Cutting calories didn’t help. Weight Watchers helped and then it didn’t. My Fitness Pal, same thing. My problem was that even though I would keep my points/calories/whatever in check, I was eating all the wrong foods for my body. Thus I would lose maybe a pound or two and then nothing. I would get frustrated, then backslide. Over and over again.

So I hit the books. I read tons of food books. All veggies, no wheat, all raw, etc. etc. All the books had good ideas, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to commit. Each plan had some kind of snag that I knew I would not be able to get over to be successful. And the last thing I wanted was more backsliding. Now that’s not to say that The Program is the be all end all of food management. I’m just saying that this is what has worked for me so far, so I wanted to share just what I’m doing and some highlights of The Program.

It has three phases. The first phase is 8 weeks long and very low carb. As in < 5g every 4 – 5 hours. And let me tell you, there is almost nothing that is < 5g of carbs. At least nothing that I used to eat. So I knew that this would be a complete revamp and overhaul. I had to take to the pantry and gasp throw unopened food away. Because I knew that, no matter how off limits, if they were in there, I would eat them. So, I scoured and researched and made a list of foods that were “allowed” and I bought them, and I ate them, and I’m doing pretty awesome if I do say so myself.

At my one month mark, I was down over 10 lbs, and 29.5 inches. Yes. 29.5 inches. INCHES. That’s almost 2.5 feet. And you know what’s sad? Is that it’s pretty difficult to tell. I can tell that some of my tighter pants feel more comfortable, my ballet gear is a little less embarrassing, but I still have a way to go.  I’m more than halfway through phase one, so in a few weeks I’ll be able to add more carbs back into my diet, and won’t have quite as many restrictions.

The beauty of phase one, for the people affected with metabolic disorders, is that without carbohydrates, your pancreas doesn’t release insulin. And according to the book, this resting of the pancreas allows your body to break down fat for fuel to feed your brain (and since fat is “bigger” than muscle that’s why it looks like I’ve lose more weight than what shows on the scale). It also resets your metabolism and stops your body from being bombarded by an overproduction of insulin, which it can become resistant to. Thus, when you add the carbs back in, which is slowly and methodically, you won’t have the extreme highs and lows that come from uncontrolled blood glucose. Plus you’ll have a great jump start from your 8 weeks of success and newly refined eating habits to fall back on. At least that’s what I’m hoping.

I’m the kind of person who needs structure. I need lists of things I can and cannot do. If I can put some foods on a list that are “not allowed” and some foods on a list that “are allowed” then I do much better than if I have a list of foods that are “recommended” or allowed “in moderation”. I have no concept of moderation. I eat my feelings. I do not stop eating when I’m full. I know, it’s a problem. So for me, eliminating “bad foods” for a period of time is perfect.

For the first few days it was really hard. And I’m not going to lie, there are times when I really miss stuff. Like candy. I miss candy. And fruit. But I can’t complain. Because I feel great and I’m doing so so well. And I can have all the things that are really important. Like coffee. And steak. And cheese.

So I’ll be updating on my progress. And here’s the link on Amazon for The Program. I bought it on my Kindle and then wanted a hard copy for the recipes and such. So I actually have two of them. Plus the cookbook. Which I basically bought for desserts. Which are a lot of trial and error. So if you’re struggling, check it out. Or don’t check it out. Do whatever your little heart desires.



Wednesday's Workout

Wednesday’s Workout

I’m a few days into my challenge and I’m feeling great. I’m doing really well with getting active every day and making mindful choices about what I put into my body. I’ve had a few indulgences, sure, but I haven’t gorged to the point where I feel bad physically or mentally. I know that it has only been a few days but this has been a very good jumping off point for me. I can’t wait until my Shakeology comes (either Friday or next week, I’m guessing it will depend on this crazy weather we’ve been having) and my new program as well, so that I can really get busy.

I’m not going to share the program until I can show some results, which will really force me to adhere to the schedule and eating plan. I’m determined to make a change in my health, that will help me on the inside as well as the outside. Since I have shared that I’m restarting Shakeology (which I cancelled before based on budgetary concerns while I was still in school), you probably guessed that the program I am starting will be a Beachbody product as well, but that is where the clues end!!

One thing that I have found that does not work for me is restricting foods completely or changing to a “healthy” version of them. I’m not talking about organic things versus conventional, but fake foods that are just made from chemicals and additives. I would rather eat real food in a smaller amount and prepared in a more healthful way, than to fill my system with diet foods that taste like nothing. That is why I have such an issue with a lot of plans out there. I want an egg, I don’t want a bottle of egg white product. I want cheese, not a fake cheese spread. See what I’m getting at here? So while I am being careful of portions and how many grams of carbs/protein/fat I’m taking in, I’m not restricting myself to certain brands or weird food that I don’t like. How can I sustain a food plan if I don’t like the food in it? I like eating, and if I’m miserable doing it, I’ll just go back to what tastes good, even if it isn’t actually good for me.

I’ve also been doing great with my only spending money on essential items goal for the month. I love saving money! It helps that I have a lot of gift cards from Christmas that I can use instead of my income, to save a little bit. Now let’s just remember how great it feels to save money the next time I walk past a Finish Line… I’ve also been thinking about switching over to a cash system, or to only use a credit card (once I pay them off) and pay down the balance every month. All things that can be decided in time, but for now I’m just paying down my debts and cushioning my bank account a bit.

How is your January going? Are your resolutions still holding up?



I had been bothered by the look of my blog for a while. It seemed too busy but I hadn’t found a free substitute, and I wasn’t blogging enough to really do anything about it. So this little number fits the bill. It’s fresh and light and not bogged down by boxes and lines and things. Huzzah.

Speaking of fresh, I am good to go on this new year as of right now. My physical checked out and my doc is going to review my previous workup, and I’m going to get some blood work done next week. I feel better having talked to someone, especially a doctor that I trust. He said that my blood pressure is fantastic and I can just keep doing what I’m doing.

Which means – another challenge! A friend from high school, who is a fitness instructor and definite healthy living enthusiast, does these accountability groups and thirty day challenges monthly. I’ve mentioned her before when I participated in one (and failed), but I feel like I’ve hit a new low in my fitness and health and am determined to make a positive change.

Maria is a great motivator. She has lost, and kept off, 35lb and is such a positive pilar in the Indianapolis fitness community. I don’t feel like, with some other coaches, that she is just a salesman trying to make money. Obviously she wants to make money, we all do, but that is not the main focus behind her healthy living campaign.

The most weight I have lost has been about 30lb, of which I have gained back about 15. I was on a roll on Weight Watchers. A roll that I have not been able to hit since. I’ve seen success after success with the ladies I work with, but have not been able to make the connection that I once had with the program. Myfitnesspal, I’m convinced, made me gain weight. Lost It! as well. I’m on the lookout for a simple, hopefully free, program that will help me count calories and keep myself in check. Maybe I just need to come up with an algorithm myself. Yeesh.

Another fresh look that we’re trying to take is that of our budgets. Neither Joel nor myself have been the best with budgeting money. We’re not reckless spenders, well, he’s not anyway, but we need to reign in some savings. He came up with a budget spreadsheet thing but it doesn’t make sense to me, so I’ll have to figure out how to do mine in a way that makes sense to me.

My small change for this month is only spending money on necessities. I’m really good at talking myself into “needing” something, when I very well know that I don’t. I’m also going to go through all the stuff that I already have and weed out what I can get rid of. But that doesn’t mean I can replace! I think I could do a lot of good for myself with understanding moderation in all aspects of my life. Other than love. Love in moderation is kind of lame.

So how are your resolutions going? What aspect of your life could use a fresh look?


Alright Already



Okay, I think I can breathe for a second and update. We had an exam this morning so even though I have a pile of online modules to complete, at least I can be relieved that I’m done with the “real” stuff. Not that all of it isn’t real (if you don’t pass you kind of lose your job), but paper tests always give me more anxiety.

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That’s right. I went with RuPaul. There’s really no other way to describe how today went down, other than to jazz it up with this song. Because today was, to put it simply, boring. Woohoo for orientation! Now, I will admit that I appreciate the thorough approach they are taking to covering our benefits, responsibilities, etc. At my last job, they handed us the employee handbook and said, “see ya later.” So yeah.

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Last Week of Freedom

Yes, I found this on a grief counseling website.

Yes, I found this on a grief counseling website.

Here it is folks, my last week of freedom before I start orientation for my new (and first) job as a registered nurse! I’ve done well so far getting my workouts in, but I haven’t made studying a priority and I need to incorporate more of that starting today. I am so nervous/scared/excited/terrified/relieved to finally be working again after a long time of not bringing home my part of the income. We have a big massive orientation Monday – Wednesday of next week and then we break into our nursing pods I guess to get more unit specific orientation. At least that’s what we’ve been told.

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Shinny Shin Shin


I seem to have finally developed the dreaded shin splints. At first I didn’t think that was what it was because it’s on the inside of my shin, but alas, there’s a muscle there too. I guess this is what I get for thinking that shin splints were the one thing that wouldn’t affect me when it affects so many runners out there. Continue reading

I. Hate. The. Treadmill.

Seriously. I thought I could do it today. I was watching Revenge (my new favorite show), I didn’t have to wear any extra layers, my heel didn’t hurt, my legs didn’t hurt, I just can’t do it. I don’t know what mental block I have, but whatever it is it prevents me from running on the treadmill. Continue reading

“Is This Real Life?”

Apply an even layer of face liberally morning and night.

Apply an even layer of face liberally morning and night.

The title of this blog comes from my refresher CPR course I had to take today. For the hospital that I and some classmates will soon work at, we need American Heart Association CPR as opposed to American Red Cross CPR. Don’t ask me what’s different, since I’ve now done both and have no idea. Anyway, there was no place in Lexington to get an AHA certification so we had to go to Richmond where we went to school. Someone found a phone number on a bulletin board and we called it, got the deets and showed up. This joint had 4 tables, a tv, faceless dummies and a sign that said RICHMOND CPR. Not that I care because I just need the card, but we weren’t sure that this operation was street legal. Continue reading

Hoorah for Cross Training


I hear so many regular runners talk about how they need to incorporate more strength training. I understand the merits of it, especially on non-running days, and I definitely need more of something in my life. So that’s what I did today. I’ve decided that my running days are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays, and then I just try to do something else on the other days. So far it’s just been running aaaaaand nothing, hahaha. Continue reading

Week One Complete!

Remember those hot pink shoes I was telling you about??

Remember those hot pink shoes I was telling you about??

Yay!! My first week of training for Run the Bluegrass is complete! I know I don’t move as much as some of you (probably all of you) but I pulled down a solid 6.46 miles this week. Pretty great for not having legitimately run since October. I’ve been making sure to only run the mileage that’s laid out in my training plan (all whole numbers), any additional that you see is from walking back and cooling down. So far it’s gone really well and I’m very pleased with my progress. Continue reading

Nagging Calves and Cold Weather

Could I BE wearing any more colors? Haha, I also had on hot pink shoes with lime green socks.

Could I BE wearing any more colors? Haha, I also had on hot pink shoes with lime green socks.

BRRRRRR!! It was BRISK this morning! Haha, I dressed for the temperature that was on my clock (it has a probe outside) but I think it was in the sun or something because it was much colder in real life than on the screen. Yeesh. But I got my 2 miles in, and I was a little quicker today. I think if anything the cold increases my speed because I just want to go inside!! Took a slightly different route to incorporate more hills and felt really good. Continue reading