Malakalekimakah is the Thing to Say


Finally got the tree up last night! I ended up buying a new one since our other one was HUGE and could not fit anywhere since the return of my bed. It was $50 at Target and then I spent $20 on lights. I don’t think it looks as nice as last year even though I used the same decorations. Last year my mom helped me decorate it and she’s AMAZING at that stuff. She made all the bows that are on there. (Awesome picture courtesy of Instagram!) Continue reading

Maintain, maintain, maintain

So I just finished week six, day one of the couch to 5k program. It was challenging. Even though it was back to shorter intervals, it was raining so I had to do it on the treadmill. I’m not a big fan of the treadmill. I don’t know why I used to be so against running outside but now I love it because it’s so easy! You don’t have to fiddle with buttons or worry about falling off the track (which happens often for me, no judging). When you want to run, you run, when you want to walk, you walk! It’s amazing how we’ve made things so complicated. Continue reading