Let the Music Move You

Does the weather influence what music you listen to or are in the mood to listen to? It does for me. Take for instance today, it was pouring down rain, it was windy, and it was pretty chilly. The song Anna Sun by Walk the Moon comes on the radio, and I decide that I want to listen to one of their other songs from their album called Quesadilla. So I get out my phone/iPod, find the song, and I’m just not that into it. Continue reading

Am I an Idiot? Plus – Something Exciting!

As Joel and I were driving home from work this evening, the song Changing by Airborne Toxic Event came on. Now the words of the song aren’t important right now, but after the chorus Joel said to me, “so I guess this song is about a break up.” And it occurred to me, I listen to music, but I don’t hear it. Very rarely, if ever, have I sat down after a song and thought to myself, “wow, that song was about blank…” Am I an idiot? Am I missing a quintessential part of the music listening process? Continue reading

Well, I’m Back

Oh my goodness, so I’ve definitely neglected this baby. What better time than now to come back, right? Right. Well mostly I’m writing to share that I just completed my first twenty minute run. I can honestly say that never in my life have I been able to run that long without stopping or just giving up. It’s been a long road to get to this point (probably seven weeks or so) but I did it! Continue reading