Nobody Does Steak Like AB + Work Yourself OUT

If at any point I don't know how to prepare something - I ask AB.

If at any point I don’t know how to prepare something – I ask AB.

If you’re unfamiliar with Alton Brown’s show Good Eats, then you need to get your shit in gear. They show them constantly on Food Network and Cooking Channel. Or just type a food/dish + alton brown or good eats into YouTube and you’ll have the episode right there. In the past few months Joel and I have made a habit of making breakfast on Sunday mornings and parking in front of the TV together to watch a good chunk of them. AB KNOWS WHATS WHAT. He’s smart, and he’s snarky, and he makes GOOD EATS!!! Not only that, but he shows you how to do it too. He does away with all the fluff and puff of some more “traditional” cookery, and he won’t keep anything in his kitchen that doesn’t multitask. Basically, I wish we were best friends.

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I Think I’m Paranoid


Yesterday I ran my furthest distance yet, almost 4.5 miles. I felt good. But there was a point where I passed a moderately shady looking gent and he immediately pulled out his cell phone as I passed him. This made me think that he was alerting someone to my location and I was constantly checking over my shoulder in paranoia the rest of the time. It didn’t really make for a good run. Things have happened to me recently that have put me on edge, and I don’t like being like this. Allow me to explain… Continue reading


Oh, multitasking

I feel as though I’ve neglected you, my little blog. School has been crazy and I haven’t done anything new to write about in terms of running or training. Since I’ve banished running on the treadmill, I’ve stuck to the elliptical, arc training, and stationary bike to keep up my cardio conditioning. I’ve also incorporated some strength training to help me along this journey for a healthier life. My heart rate monitor has been working great. I really enjoy it as a supplement to my workout and it’s great to know an accurate calorie count of what I’m burning. I think too many times I overestimate (very rarely do I underestimate) the amount of calories that I burn and then think I can eat more to make up for the difference. Continue reading