Undertraining the Day Away

My doormat, which signifies taking the first step out the door. Even though I go through the garage.

My doormat, which signifies taking the first step out the door. Even though I go through the garage.

I’m on track to post about once a month, so I better make this good, right? Mmmkay. I had a loosely sketched out, bare bones plan to get “ready” for this race on Sunday. The culmination of which should have been yesterday’s 10 mile run. That’s right. 10 miles just 7 days prior to the 13.1 mile race. Taper be dammed. Well don’t worry, it didn’t go down like that. Last weekend we painted all weekend, so needless to say I didn’t feel like making training a priority. So the furthest I’ve run is ~7 miles. Yup. 7 miles, give or take, as training prior to a half marathon. Foolish? Maybe. But it’s what I’ve got.

I also found the hole where Christopher Lloyd comes through to terrorize Dennis the Menace's town. True life.

I also found the hole where Christopher Lloyd comes through to terrorize Dennis the Menace’s town. True life.

When discussing this with some friends who have a few races under their belts, I didn’t feel so bad. “Life happens,” they said. Sometimes it’s injury. Sometimes it’s a new job. Sometimes it’s a family emergency. Either way, you aren’t as prepared as you wanted to be, but you’re still healthy enough to at least attempt your goal. Even if you won’t PR. But let’s be real, this is my first race ever, so it’s going to be a PR so long as I finish. Boom. The only thing standing in my way, other than rolling hills and a finnicky heel, is the 7 mile cut off. In order to finish the race in the designated area and along the planned course, you have to keep at least a 14 minute mile for the first 7 miles. I’m 95% sure that I can do that. All of my training that I’ve done since I found that out was to try to keep my miles under 14 minutes. Which is fine, as long as I don’t have to take any prolonged walk breaks. I’ve been averaging about 12-13 minute miles, but I’m not sweating it if I hang out around 13:45-13:55 because I only need 14. And that’s only in the first 7 miles! So I’m good right? I’m good. I’m slow, but I’m good.

Don't mind my headphone cord...

Don’t mind my headphone cord…

Skinny Runner said to take the first half of the race slower than you planned if you undertrained, just to suss yourself out and give yourself time to acclimate. So I was thinking I would aim for 13:00 instead of 12:00 for the first half, but my concern with that is that by the second half of the race I’ll be too tired to try for the 12:00. Eh. I don’t know. Either way I just want to finish. And finishing will give me a PR, so it’s a win win.

This guy has a new PR every week for hours slept during the day.

This guy has a new PR every week for hours slept during the day.

Let’s go back to the ~7 miles I ran today. They weren’t that great. I think because I went for a quick run yesterday, and I never run on consecutive days. But yesterday felt super awesome. I took off a little too fast and thought to myself, “man I better slow down because I can’t maintain this,” but then I thought about it for another couple of seconds and was all, “wait a second – yes I can! I can keep this up for a mile and then who cares? THIS WILL BE MY FASTEST MILE EVER!” and it was!! Hahah, and then I was gassed and had to walk for a bit. And then it started raining at my turn around so I jogged back home, tired and happy, accomplished and beat. It’s the little victories folks, and mine is a 10:47 mile.


So that’s my running life for now. Maybe I’ll be able to update after the race – hopefully I’ll be alive! xoxo

Nobody Does Steak Like AB + Work Yourself OUT

If at any point I don't know how to prepare something - I ask AB.

If at any point I don’t know how to prepare something – I ask AB.

If you’re unfamiliar with Alton Brown’s show Good Eats, then you need to get your shit in gear. They show them constantly on Food Network and Cooking Channel. Or just type a food/dish + alton brown or good eats into YouTube and you’ll have the episode right there. In the past few months Joel and I have made a habit of making breakfast on Sunday mornings and parking in front of the TV together to watch a good chunk of them. AB KNOWS WHATS WHAT. He’s smart, and he’s snarky, and he makes GOOD EATS!!! Not only that, but he shows you how to do it too. He does away with all the fluff and puff of some more “traditional” cookery, and he won’t keep anything in his kitchen that doesn’t multitask. Basically, I wish we were best friends.

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Almost Zen Like

WHEW! How did I work out while working full time before?? Yikes. Working 8 hours a day is one thing, but two, 12-hour shifts back to back made it difficult to move away from the couch for anything other than a shower. Anyone else work 12 hour (or more) days? How do you fit in your workouts? Or do you just work out on days that you’re not making money? Not to mention if you work a different shift than days – man that would be tough. One of the nurses mentioned that they used to run 40+ miles a week so I’ll be asking her how she fit that in with shift work.

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Sunday Funday

And by Funday I mean Restday/Studyday. I was super accountable and on track this week so I just have to remember I can’t eat the calories I normally would since I’m not officially working out. I do plan on doing some yoga and some foam rolling, but nothing crazy.

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Like a Grown Up – For Real

Please ignore how dirty the glass of my oven is.

Please ignore how dirty the glass of my oven is.

There it is. A Dutch oven in the oven. Do you know what’s in that Dutch oven? It’s my very first adult like venture into the world of cooking with red wine. I made coq au vin. Shut the front door, right? Right. We had some chicken thighs in the kitchen and I told Joel I would come up with something to do for them. So I got my little brain a thinking, and figured that it would be a good time to try out a classic French dish.

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Upon Sage Advice


Last week Coach Krissie from LexRunLadies and Committed Coaching sent out a newsletter that suggested we slow down. Normally I try to push pretty hard during my runs, and I’ve realized that I’m probably overexerting myself and could be doing more harm than good. Based on the Krissie’s advice, I took my run super slow this morning, with the mentality that I was still running, no matter how slow, and I had to add an extra mile anyway, so I wanted to get through it. Plus it was beautiful outside so I didn’t feel the need to run faster and go inside.

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Slow Going

How cute are they??

How cute are they??

Tried to crush my run today and got half way there. I made it through one mile at a 12:00min/mile pace but then couldn’t hold it for the second mile. Slowed down by about a minute and a half but still finished up so that’s what counts right? Hey, at least I’m faster than the kids on Biggest Loser. That’s right. I compared myself to overweight teenagers.

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Lots of Action Over Here

And by that I mean none. Joelarino has been out of town a few days for work so I did a lot of nothing.

Wednesday I went to lunch with a friend who was in town and washed my car. Boom.

Yesterday I watched a lot of TV and went for a run. Then that evening had some cake at my mom’s for my little sister’s 13th birthday.

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Nagging Calves and Cold Weather

Could I BE wearing any more colors? Haha, I also had on hot pink shoes with lime green socks.

Could I BE wearing any more colors? Haha, I also had on hot pink shoes with lime green socks.

BRRRRRR!! It was BRISK this morning! Haha, I dressed for the temperature that was on my clock (it has a probe outside) but I think it was in the sun or something because it was much colder in real life than on the screen. Yeesh. But I got my 2 miles in, and I was a little quicker today. I think if anything the cold increases my speed because I just want to go inside!! Took a slightly different route to incorporate more hills and felt really good. Continue reading

Ran a Full 5k Today!

WHEW! Man, it has been a long time since I’ve done a few things: run longer than 20 minutes at a time, run outdoors, enjoyed running, and I’m definitely feeling the love today! I decided to try a new thing today where I would warm up inside and then start running as soon as I got outside. It always bothered me that the distance timer would go off for my 5k, but I hadn’t actually run the full 5k. It made me doubt that I could even do it at all. Even when I was running over 4 miles doing Bridge to 10k, I doubted I could complete a 5k because there were intervals of walking throughout the run.

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Ugh, Seriously?


So Sunday morning is the day that I usually weigh in and track my progress on myfitnesspal. Well, this morning my scale said that I gained weight. Surely that can’t be true. I’ve done really well this past week, and when I’ve sneaked peeks throughout the week I was on the right track. But sure enough, it said I gained. Then I thought I would look at my measurements since muscle weighs more than fat but it’s leaner. Praying that I would at least see a decrease in those, I headed over to the other room and took a look. Nope. “Gained” on those numbers too. Continue reading

You Can’t Win Them All

Keep Getting Up

So I slept in today, probably as a result of the margaritas we had last night. One of our good friend’s birthday was on Wednesday and we all went out to dinner last night to celebrate. Last year her and I had a joint birthday dinner extravaganza because our birthdays are a week apart, but this year we kept it separate. Probably because it got a little too rowdy last year… Anyway, I digress. Since I slept in, I didn’t go out for my normal before breakfast Saturday run. I was thinking that I wasn’t going to go at all, but then I looked at everyone’s posts on facebook talking about how they love the weather. So I look up our weather and see that it’s only 72 outside so I decide to go, even though I’ve already eaten breakfast and it’s 12:30. Continue reading