Help, I’m Alive


Oh my goodness I never thought this day would come!! I’M DONE WITH NURSING SCHOOL!! I GRADUATED!! AND I HAVE A JOB!! Pretty awesome how it all wrapped up so nicely. So lucky and thankful that I have a wonderful family who supported me and helped me through these past 16 months of hell.

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What is Enough?

What do you think?

When did we shift into a world where a bachelor’s degree is not enough? Hell, when did we shift to a world where a high school diploma is not enough? My first “professional” job I used no skills that I learned in college. As a political science major with minors in art history and classical studies, nothing that I did in my job reflected my preferences or skills. But having that degree set me above people who didn’t have one, even if it had nothing to do with anything.

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I Am So Static

Pretty much sums it up.

I’ve been so unmotivated to do anything since “my incident“. I feel like I can’t exercise, because well, I really can’t since the doctor said to lay off until we figure out what happened. And I worked really hard one weekend to do a ton of homework so that I would  have fewer assignments due during my preceptorship, so now I haven’t done work in so long that I don’t even know how to begin.

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Bear Down! Chicago Bears!

Oohhhh I love me some Monday Night Football when I get to watch my Bears! Last time I watched the Bears and the Lions, the Bears lost. And it was lame. So I’m hoping we don’t repeat that. Even if the defense scores more points than the offense, I’m okay with it.

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So Productive Today!

Only 4 check boxes left!

You didn’t believe me did you? I’m working on the adult trauma case study right now, but needed to take a break. This chick’s problems are overwhelming. But I can’t tell you about it because of nurse-fake patient confidentiality. I’m telling you, I worked so hard today I exhausted the cat.

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