Ice Cream Paint Job

So we (read: Joel) were finally motivated enough to finish painting upstairs. I had finished all of the rooms except the master bedroom and bath over the summer, and we picked out colors, just never got around to purchasing the paint. Sidenote: why do people say that painting is the cheapest way to redecorate? That shit is actually hella expensive. And we only got Behr. Which I guess is like top shelf at Home Depot, but it’s no Sherwin Williams or Porter. Or hell, Benjamin Moore would probably cost as much as a mortgage payment to cover one room. Anyway, I digress.

Joelle had some Christmas vacation to burn up, so he did most of the work this time, but damn if we didn’t do a ton of work the past few days. The biggest task being having to repaint the trim, since the previous owners painted everything off-white, which made it look dirty and gross. If you ever want to paint your trim off-white, friends, please don’t do it. You’ll thank me later.

So all that’s left is a second coat on some trim in the hall and the trim in the two small bedrooms. Joel did the master while I was at work the other day and all the doors. I did the bathroom today and we both worked on the trim. I hate painting trim because it’s so tedious and even when you’re finished you have almost no work to show for it. Ugh. Trim. Seriously, don’t do it.

The biggest impact was in the bathroom. It feels like a completely different room. Win.


Here's the before. With a cat face off, obv.


And the after!

Now I just need some art or something. Yeah. That sounds right.


Artsy Fartsy


Nope, I didn't paint this. My actual artist friend did.

A few friends and I did one of those painting things tonight. You know, where you go to a little store and they give you a canvas with a plate for your paint and then all the type A – OCDers (aka us) immediately start to dry heave. There are no rules, they just give you a guideline and Bob Ross your asses as they “teach” you how to paint.


Some actual blue grass.

I will admit that I really thought I was going to fuck this up. Especially when I saw the painting we were supposed to be working from. But it turned out alright. Plus they’re all, “hey you want to do a butterfly? Cool! But your friend doesn’t? Cool! They can do a moon! Or a caterpillar! Or whatever the fuck they want!” Except they did get a little testy when I tried to switch plates because we had a group coming but they didn’t seat us right. That was the only part of the night that had rules.


Mine is on the left.

Our group leader friend picked a non-holiday themed piece, which I didn’t understand at the time, but now I realize that if you actually made a painting that looked nice you wouldn’t necessarily want a reindeer or a snowman adorning your walls all year round. So I appreciate that decision. At $35 it was a bit expensive, but it was nice to see all these ladies outside of work and be able to make something nice together.

I may have also discussed putting a TARDIS in the middle of mine instead of a butterfly, but just stuck with the program.


However, the TARDIS would have looked great with the Dalek.

I think I would do this again. And I would invite more people. They do private parties that don’t cost any extra, so that might be nice for a birthday or something fun with a large group. Although all of us collectively, friends and strangers, basically complained about how bad we were at painting, so there’s a nice group atmosphere as well.


Of course my eyes are closed.

Have you done something like this before? The only other thing I’ve done like it was a pottery painting class, which may be a little less stressful for your type A’s, since there’s more structure. Still fun, I promise!


My painted blowfish with his broken tail.


Probably Could Have Planned Better

All day.

Tonight we finished the base coat of the dining room after I spent all day (or what felt like it) at Home Depot. We are doing horizontal stripes of white [Martha Stewart/Glidden’s Picket Fence], and grey [Glidden’s Smooth Stone]. I didn’t know that you could have any color made with any of the paint bases (Joel might have mentioned it in passing), regardless of brand. So like all the colors I picked were Glidden, but they could be made with Behr or even Sherwin Williams paint if I brought in the swatches. Not knowing this, I brought home three gallons of Glidden, which I don’t plan to do again. It took almost two gallons to cover our primed walls. Granted it was white, but still, our room is less than 200 square feet. Yikes. Plus I wanted to use one of those to paint the built ins! I think I will be inclined to pay the extra couple of bucks for a more premium paint when we move on to the next room. Lesson learned.

I’ve had one Pinterest (Follow Me!) quasi-total let down and another that was just alright this week. One pot pasta was bland. Literally zero flavor. And I even used chicken stock instead of vegetable stock. Plus fresh tomatoes and I added fresh mushrooms. I knew I should have been suspicious with that last comment straggling in at the end there. I had to cover it with fresh Parmesan and even that didn’t help too much. The second one, Holy Yum Chicken, was alright. It had flavor at least. Joel liked it more than I did I think. It was basically honey mustard chicken. Which is fine, but someone was all, “I’ve made this three times this week and its amaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazzzzzzzzzzziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnggggggggggggggggggaaaaahhhhhhhhhh.” Yeah. I wouldn’t go that far. Chicken has a different texture when it’s basically boiled in sauce in the oven. I think I would grill it next time and just try to make the sauce somehow. Or maybe I’ll just cook exclusively from my new cookbook – MASTERING THE ART OF FRENCH COOKING. Boom. Be prepared for some epic fails or epically beautiful food posting.

Tomorrow I’m off to consult about painting our trim and hopefully we can slap up some stripes and take some after pictures! It’s not completely done, but paint is better than nothing. We’re moving right along.

Do you paint or do you hire someone else? What project is on your horizon that you’ve been itching to complete? Any Pinterest fails worth noting?


And We’re Priming

WHAT?! THREE POSTS IN THREE DAYS?! Get ahold of yourself people. We’re all going to survive.

Thumbs up!!

Thumbs up!!

Home revamp is in full swing. We stopped by Lowe’s and picked up some supplies to start priming – primer (duh), more tape, trays, rollers, drip cloth, bucket for ladder painting, etc. I was going to do all of this with mom but Joel wanted to at least get the priming under way. There are a lot of colors in this place, and several of them are very deep colors, mostly in shades of mucous (thanks Jen, it’s so true). Since what we want is lighter, we need to prime. We went with the Valspar drastic color change to get the best coverage. We figured that between the rooms we’re doing first, we would need about 869 square feet. Each gallon supposedly covered 400 square feet. We used one gallon in the dining room, and may need more touch ups, so either the walls in that room are rather porous, the color is darker than we thought, or we bought cheap primer. Either way, we don’t have a 400 square foot dining room, I assure you.

One room down, three more to go. In this round at least.

One room down, three more to go. In this round at least.

We didn’t tape the trim because we are going to have to paint it. It’s like, light yellow, it’s not even off white. And that’s definitely not the look we’re going for. I took some before pictures so that we can do a full comparison when it’s all done, which will not be for weeks. Mom is a pro, literally she used to do interiors for cash money, so I look forward to having her guidance whenever she can take time out of her super busy life to help! She still has two young kids to run around after all.

We pretty much had to paint around the cat. Probably will have to do something about that when the actual painting commences. Apparently it made him extremely tired.

image (5)

Are you an expert painter? What’s your favorite way to (relatively) cheaply freshen up a room?


Alright Already, Relax

Yo. You guys. I don’t remember how to blog. Seriously. WordPress went ahead and changed their entire layout so that when I made my triumphant return I would be lost and confused. It’s working.

So I’m a homeowner!! Yikes! I get to go to bed every night and wake up every morning in a quiet home on a quiet street and it’s all mine! Also, this coming week will be my last week on night shift – I’m about to be thrust into the chaos that is dayshift, fully equipped with a normal sleep schedule, whatever that is. I kind of sucked at running for a while there. With the move and trying to make our house look like a home, it’s been understandably busy. Not busy enough where I didn’t have time to get out and get moving, I just didn’t make it a priority like it should have been. But I still have 10 weeks until Iron Horse, and I’m back on the wagon, so things are good.

I’ve also sucked at Cannonball Read. I’m officially TWELVE books behind schedule. Ugh. I’ll get there. Hopefully.

What has really become the biggest time suck has been furniture shopping and trying to figure out how to decorate our wonderful money pit. Do we want something clean and sterile looking? Industrial? Hobo chic? Matchy matchy or loosey goosey? The hardest part has been trying to find stuff that fits our needs on a budget. Joss and Main has cute stuff but some of it is very expensive, and 80% of buying a couch is sitting on it, amiright? IKEA was such a letdown. We were interested in some of the bedroom furniture (i.e., dressers, etc.) but the couches and other tables were so low to the ground! Joel said he’s too old to be doing all that bending. I don’t necessarily disagree. So right now until we find what we need, we have two apartments worth of furniture, in all its mismatched glory, displayed for all to see.

What we have been able to move forward with, is paint. Glorious, wondrous, odorous paint. I have always held off painting our rentals because even though it’s cheap, I don’t want to re-paint when we were moving out. Especially the townhouse. We could not have moved out of there faster. It was like pulling teeth to get either of us motivated to get back there and clean up. I didn’t even want to go to the walk through. Let alone going back and putting two coats of primer on that mother. Ugh. I could not think of a worse thing. Literally.

So how have you all been? It’s only been six months since I steadily posted and I want to hear about what you’re up to!!