I’m an avid fan and follower of Bangs and a Bun, so when I read about her #80MileMonth I was intrigued. (She is also offering a virtual training buddy program to go along with it, FYI.) She makes every December an #80MileMonth so that she is accountable (by putting it online) and ready to jump start the new year ahead of time. You know, instead of waiting until January like everyone else. Kind of smart if you think about it.

So my version of that is going to be a #40WorkoutMonth. It’s not feasible for me to run every day before work. I know myself and even putting it on the blog and in the internet space will not make me wake up prior to 5am to run on subsequent days. Plus, I’m still struggling with 2 mile runs every other day, so getting 2.5 (at least) every day is just dumb at my current fitness level. So to make it work I am going to push myself to do some kind of fitness activity every single day and more than that on my days off. You’ll hear all about it on here, and I’ll probably complain about it on Twitter too.

Each activity has to be at least fifteen minutes, and in order to include two of them a day they either need to be totally different (i.e., running and yoga) or separated by a substantial amount of time (i.e., thirty minutes of yoga in the morning and thirty minutes in the evening). This way I won’t just do three different fifteen minute yoga classes to cheat. I promise, if there is a way to cheat the system, I will typically find it and exploit it.

I think this is a great idea. For me, making it a “workout” goal instead of just running helps me to meet my terms. But it still pushes me to get active and not just lay around all month. I have been running more recently, so I will be glad to incorporate that into my days off.

So you should probably join me. Make it whatever you need it to be to work for you. I want to succeed, and you should too!


May the Wind Be Always at Your Back

You know those perfect days where no matter which way you turn there’s just a slight breeze at your back? Guiding you along and providing some relief from the heat? Today is not one of those days. I woke up thinking the house was caving in, and then when I tried to run outside a little later it was like the wind said, “eh! Eff you!” The temperature is nice enough but the gale force winds are another story.

I wanted to change up my route (you know, so I don’t get murdered) and then I ended up doing a little loopy thing instead of out and back. Which would have been nice if I hadn’t had to walk some of it because it was like pushing a car uphill. Geez. I make a lot of rookie errors when it comes to running outdoors, but at the same time I feel like I don’t have a choice. Because if I didn’t run now I wouldn’t do it, so I guess I just need to work on my beastmode [please note that my phone changed “beastmode” to “beagle”, so maybe I need to work on that instead].

How’s your Monday shaping up? I hope you have a great fucking day, my friend.



I went for my 5280 foot jog today when I got home from my certification (TNCC certified bitches!), hoping to beat the brunt of the rain. Guess what happened? I got flipping rained on. And not just a little bit. A LOT. Torrential downpour. Gale force winds. Dogs and cats, living together, mass hysteria! I thought I would feel invigorated and glorious (hence the title), but I just felt wet. And cold. And tired. But I did it I guess. Yay?

I’m trying to figure out when I should do this venture tomorrow. Before work it’s pretty dark. After work it’s pretty dark AND I’m tired. Hmmmmm decisions, decisions.


What is 5280?


Answer: how many feet are in a mile.

I jogged one mile today. It wasn’t pretty, and it wasn’t fast. But I jogged the whole thing. And I’m going to do it again tomorrow. And the next day. Until it sticks.


Hooray for stubbornness.


Oh Shoot it Hurts


Beautiful flowers from a country wedding this weekend

So a few ballet classes ago I was coming down from a grande jete and my left ankle kind of twinged. I don’t know if I landed on it won’t or what because I didn’t feel any kind of pop or twist. But it was fine the next day. Then when I came to class next week I did it again, on the first grande jete, same pain, no other injury or anything. But this second time it didn’t get better the next day, in fact it was sore all week and hasn’t stopped being sore. Sometimes it feels okay but I can’t quite pin point what’s wrong. Ibuprofen and ice helps. Braces and compression help sometimes. But I keep running on it so I’m sure that’s not helping. Womp womp. No ballet this past week so maybe it will be better for our double classes this coming week.

Tap started again! That definitely hurt when I got home. But it was good times. All kinds of dance this week.

I figured out how I can enjoy running! I put on headphones, jam to my music, and don’t give a shit about how fast I’m running. Did wonders for my psyche. Plus I just kind of danced around for an hour. Yipee!


I Got to Go Home Early!



So instead of having another title like, “I’m Back!” or, “I’m the Worst Blogger Ever!” I would just like to move past that and pretend that I’m a great blogger and not promise anything for the future. Sound good? Kgreatthanks.

I did a lot of soul searching this weekend, mostly because I had a sinus infection of death, and I came around to a few conclusions. I was really toying with the idea of not participating in the Disney Princess Half in February because I have had no desire to train for it. I was going to sell my bib to a friend under the table and just move on with my life. People withdraw all the time, people get injured, people don’t show up, etc. etc. I really was more worried about paying for a Disney vacation on top of running a race I don’t want to train for. (Still worried about that, btw.) But then I looked at a calendar, and I realized that I can do this. And it will be better than the Iron Horse. Because I’m determined to have more fun and to be in better shape for this race. I’m not worried about time. I just want to have fun. And I want to run a race in a tutu, dammit.




But, having come to that conclusion, I’ve also come to another: running isn’t my favorite thing. Yup. I said it. It’s just not. I will use it for cardio, and if there are some good looking 5k or 10k races in my area I’ll consider it, but I think this may be my last half marathon unless something, or someone, changes my mind down the road. My heart just isn’t in it. I like the way that it makes me feel afterward, endorphins and all that, but it’s really not a passion that I can continue to pursue. Even when I was running regularly, and got faster, I still kind of disliked it. So, this is kind of my running as a regular sport retirement speech.



One thing that does get me moving, and excited, is dance. Which is why I think I was so drawn to Zumba at first. But the environment for these Zumba classes leaves much to be desired. I still have a punch card, so I’ll probably finish it out, but I’m not like gonna drop beaucoup pesos on some flashy cargos with tassels if you catch my drift.




But that got me thinking, why can’t I take dance classes again? Why can’t I see what’s going on in Lexington dance for grown ups? So I started looking. And I found some promising classes. But then I was all, “Oh man, it’s been almost 10 years since I’ve taken a dance class! Plus I’m a fat kid!” But then I replied to myself, “Who gives a shit?” And that was settled.


The only issue is that these classes are sometimes more expensive than say, joining a gym or something, but a lot of places offer a punch card type deal as well. So you pay for what you use or come to, and you don’t have to pay out the nose if you know you’re going to miss class every other week. Anyway, this is all semantics, and I’ll fill you in more later, when I actually get to take class next year. Since everyone is on Nutcracker/winter break. But I’ve been doing some pilates to gear up, and I’m pumped.


See what I did there?


Last thing I really need to talk about is work. Yeah – I totally got to go home early today! We cleared out/discharged a ton of patients and I got to leave! It was awesome! Since I’m back at work tomorrow, I used that time wisely: I trudged out for a terrible run, where I met a cat, and then ate some steak with Joelle. Yay! The only other note that I want to bring up about work is that I plan to really reflect on where I am and make some goals, some confessions, and to hopefully admit that I am further along in my nursing practice than I think I am when I am in the thick of it. My start date at the hospital was at the end of January, so I will probably get something ready around that time.



How often do you go to Disneyworld? Any tips on saving money while staying on the property? Have you done any soul searching recently? How did that turn out? I can’t wait to hear about it!


Undertraining the Day Away

My doormat, which signifies taking the first step out the door. Even though I go through the garage.

My doormat, which signifies taking the first step out the door. Even though I go through the garage.

I’m on track to post about once a month, so I better make this good, right? Mmmkay. I had a loosely sketched out, bare bones plan to get “ready” for this race on Sunday. The culmination of which should have been yesterday’s 10 mile run. That’s right. 10 miles just 7 days prior to the 13.1 mile race. Taper be dammed. Well don’t worry, it didn’t go down like that. Last weekend we painted all weekend, so needless to say I didn’t feel like making training a priority. So the furthest I’ve run is ~7 miles. Yup. 7 miles, give or take, as training prior to a half marathon. Foolish? Maybe. But it’s what I’ve got.

I also found the hole where Christopher Lloyd comes through to terrorize Dennis the Menace's town. True life.

I also found the hole where Christopher Lloyd comes through to terrorize Dennis the Menace’s town. True life.

When discussing this with some friends who have a few races under their belts, I didn’t feel so bad. “Life happens,” they said. Sometimes it’s injury. Sometimes it’s a new job. Sometimes it’s a family emergency. Either way, you aren’t as prepared as you wanted to be, but you’re still healthy enough to at least attempt your goal. Even if you won’t PR. But let’s be real, this is my first race ever, so it’s going to be a PR so long as I finish. Boom. The only thing standing in my way, other than rolling hills and a finnicky heel, is the 7 mile cut off. In order to finish the race in the designated area and along the planned course, you have to keep at least a 14 minute mile for the first 7 miles. I’m 95% sure that I can do that. All of my training that I’ve done since I found that out was to try to keep my miles under 14 minutes. Which is fine, as long as I don’t have to take any prolonged walk breaks. I’ve been averaging about 12-13 minute miles, but I’m not sweating it if I hang out around 13:45-13:55 because I only need 14. And that’s only in the first 7 miles! So I’m good right? I’m good. I’m slow, but I’m good.

Don't mind my headphone cord...

Don’t mind my headphone cord…

Skinny Runner said to take the first half of the race slower than you planned if you undertrained, just to suss yourself out and give yourself time to acclimate. So I was thinking I would aim for 13:00 instead of 12:00 for the first half, but my concern with that is that by the second half of the race I’ll be too tired to try for the 12:00. Eh. I don’t know. Either way I just want to finish. And finishing will give me a PR, so it’s a win win.

This guy has a new PR every week for hours slept during the day.

This guy has a new PR every week for hours slept during the day.

Let’s go back to the ~7 miles I ran today. They weren’t that great. I think because I went for a quick run yesterday, and I never run on consecutive days. But yesterday felt super awesome. I took off a little too fast and thought to myself, “man I better slow down because I can’t maintain this,” but then I thought about it for another couple of seconds and was all, “wait a second – yes I can! I can keep this up for a mile and then who cares? THIS WILL BE MY FASTEST MILE EVER!” and it was!! Hahah, and then I was gassed and had to walk for a bit. And then it started raining at my turn around so I jogged back home, tired and happy, accomplished and beat. It’s the little victories folks, and mine is a 10:47 mile.


So that’s my running life for now. Maybe I’ll be able to update after the race – hopefully I’ll be alive! xoxo

Alright Already, Relax

Yo. You guys. I don’t remember how to blog. Seriously. WordPress went ahead and changed their entire layout so that when I made my triumphant return I would be lost and confused. It’s working.

So I’m a homeowner!! Yikes! I get to go to bed every night and wake up every morning in a quiet home on a quiet street and it’s all mine! Also, this coming week will be my last week on night shift – I’m about to be thrust into the chaos that is dayshift, fully equipped with a normal sleep schedule, whatever that is. I kind of sucked at running for a while there. With the move and trying to make our house look like a home, it’s been understandably busy. Not busy enough where I didn’t have time to get out and get moving, I just didn’t make it a priority like it should have been. But I still have 10 weeks until Iron Horse, and I’m back on the wagon, so things are good.

I’ve also sucked at Cannonball Read. I’m officially TWELVE books behind schedule. Ugh. I’ll get there. Hopefully.

What has really become the biggest time suck has been furniture shopping and trying to figure out how to decorate our wonderful money pit. Do we want something clean and sterile looking? Industrial? Hobo chic? Matchy matchy or loosey goosey? The hardest part has been trying to find stuff that fits our needs on a budget. Joss and Main has cute stuff but some of it is very expensive, and 80% of buying a couch is sitting on it, amiright? IKEA was such a letdown. We were interested in some of the bedroom furniture (i.e., dressers, etc.) but the couches and other tables were so low to the ground! Joel said he’s too old to be doing all that bending. I don’t necessarily disagree. So right now until we find what we need, we have two apartments worth of furniture, in all its mismatched glory, displayed for all to see.

What we have been able to move forward with, is paint. Glorious, wondrous, odorous paint. I have always held off painting our rentals because even though it’s cheap, I don’t want to re-paint when we were moving out. Especially the townhouse. We could not have moved out of there faster. It was like pulling teeth to get either of us motivated to get back there and clean up. I didn’t even want to go to the walk through. Let alone going back and putting two coats of primer on that mother. Ugh. I could not think of a worse thing. Literally.

So how have you all been? It’s only been six months since I steadily posted and I want to hear about what you’re up to!!


Almost Zen Like

WHEW! How did I work out while working full time before?? Yikes. Working 8 hours a day is one thing, but two, 12-hour shifts back to back made it difficult to move away from the couch for anything other than a shower. Anyone else work 12 hour (or more) days? How do you fit in your workouts? Or do you just work out on days that you’re not making money? Not to mention if you work a different shift than days – man that would be tough. One of the nurses mentioned that they used to run 40+ miles a week so I’ll be asking her how she fit that in with shift work.

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Training Train Wreck

Restless Egg Syndrome.

Restless Egg Syndrome.

So I’m an idiot. I just realized this morning that I bought concert tickets for us for Christmas for the night before Run the Bluegrass. AND THE CONCERT IS IN ANOTHER STATE. Words cannot describe how upset I am with myself for this massive scheduling conflict. I feel like all of my training thus far was for naught and that I will surely burn out before another race comes around that I can fit into my life. I thought maybe I could do the Derby Half or the Pig Half instead since they are a few weeks later, but then I realized that in order to avoid another scheduling conflict, I’ll have to wait since I don’t have a schedule. And I hate it.

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Tomorrow is February?!

Yelling season begins February 1st.

Yelling season begins February 1st.

Oh my goodness gracious – I cannot believe that tomorrow is February. That means that my boards are less than ten days away, I’m working, and I am that much closer to Run the Bluegrass! Crap! Hahahah, it hasn’t been all bad, but a lot of December and January were spent sitting and waiting, and now that everything has started it feels very overwhelming. We got our orientation schedules today and there is a lot to be done!!

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Sunday Funday

And by Funday I mean Restday/Studyday. I was super accountable and on track this week so I just have to remember I can’t eat the calories I normally would since I’m not officially working out. I do plan on doing some yoga and some foam rolling, but nothing crazy.

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Like a Grown Up – For Real

Please ignore how dirty the glass of my oven is.

Please ignore how dirty the glass of my oven is.

There it is. A Dutch oven in the oven. Do you know what’s in that Dutch oven? It’s my very first adult like venture into the world of cooking with red wine. I made coq au vin. Shut the front door, right? Right. We had some chicken thighs in the kitchen and I told Joel I would come up with something to do for them. So I got my little brain a thinking, and figured that it would be a good time to try out a classic French dish.

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