Recharging Batteries

Let’s just jump into this like I’ve posted in the last six months…

I got home from a wonderful vacation yesterday and have spent today relaxing and recharging. I got an email reminder from my calendar that I have to work in the morning and I almost threw up in my mouth. Not from disliking work, but my coworkers and I have agreed that the longer you are away, the harder it is to come back. I think that goes for a lot of things, which for me includes working out. I resisted returning to running for months because I knew how out of shape I would be. I put off returning to dance because I’m overweight and not nearly as flexible as I used to be. I’m terrified going back to work after being off for greater than seven days because I know I will be off my game.

It’s hard to organize your day if it doesn’t start off perfectly. And having a day start off perfectly in the ICU is definitely a rarity. Even if it’s your third day with the same patients, getting report from the same nurse, there’s always something that can go wrong or throw you off kilter. And for a lot of my friends and I, it’s typically happening to us! We just have that gift I guess.

But if I’ve learned anything from my bumps and tumbles, it’s that I’ve gotten better at rolling with the punches. I’m not the best, but I’m getting better. My biggest problem is that I feel I need to control everything, and let’s be real, that shit is not attainable.

It’s with this mindset that I am finally, after many, many years, returning to the world of dance. I can’t control everything. I know I’m going to look and feel like an idiot for many classes. I KNOW that I do not have the strength or flexibility that I had ten, fifteen years ago. BUT, and here’s the big one, I WANT TO DO IT. I LOVE ballet. I love watching it, I love reading about it, I love pretending I can do it in my head. And if I think about it that much, I would be stupid to not pursue it, right? Right. …I think.

My first step was getting a group of friends together for a more informal dance class, and it has been an absolute hit so far. We do jazz and tap for an hour once a week, and it is so much fun. Not a lot of girls in the class have dance experience, so it’s very informal and we are all there just to have a good time. Good times aside, while I was organizing this class, in the back of my mind was, “man I want to do ballet…” And I could not rid myself of that nagging thought. So now I’m at a point where I feel comfortable enough to take that leap into ballet class, and I even managed to talk a couple of other people into it with me, so at least I won’t be alone!

My first class is this week, but it has been an excruciating wait! I’m not sure what to expect from this studio (it’s different than my tap/jazz studio), but I’m heading into this experience with an open mind and my head held high. I’ve drawn quite a bit of inspiration from some other adult ballet students in the blogosphere, and I’ll list them here as my closing sentiments. I bid you adieu, and hope that with more activity and less control, I’ll inspire myself to post updates regularly.


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In Other News

I finally took down the Christmas tree.  We had company for the Superbowl and decided to avoid being mocked openly by our friends and peers.  It was time for it to go anyway.  I got a little sad taking it down, only because my mom did such a nice job on the decorations and such.  But I’m very excited to add to it next year and forever after until we get a new one. Continue reading

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Mariaaaaa?

Here’s the deal, I used to hate my job.  Key words:  used to.  Then I got moved to a new group where the air wasn’t poison and the goal of the day wasn’t to send the shittiest email to make someone else look bad in front of the boss.  It was like heaven.  Open communication, free learning, no attitudes, like I said, professional life bliss.  So I’m sitting at my desk last week and I get a phone call asking for an updated resume to bid on a contract for said group and saying that there’s a strong possibility that I’ll be put back in horror group.  You remember, the group where we all despised each other so much but were so sugary sweet fake my teeth were rotting out of my face from just uttering the words.  Continue reading

Our Assets are Frozen!

Oh my god I’m so cold.  I was sweating this morning on the way to work, and now I’m freezing.  Incidentally, my sweatfest had nothing to do with the weather.  Let me explain…  To get into my office I need to have my badge.  On Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays, I have to get to work super early in order to get in as many hours as I can since I have class from 2 – 4:45.  If you forget your badge, the person at the front desk can let you in and you can get a one day made, but there’s no one at the front desk until around 8 AM.  Needless to say, on those days, I can’t forget my badge, or it does me no good to get there obscenely early.  Well I was ready to go at 6:05, but then I couldn’t find it.  I.  Looked.  Everywhere.  Continue reading