I. Hate. The. Treadmill.

Seriously. I thought I could do it today. I was watching Revenge (my new favorite show), I didn’t have to wear any extra layers, my heel didn’t hurt, my legs didn’t hurt, I just can’t do it. I don’t know what mental block I have, but whatever it is it prevents me from running on the treadmill. Continue reading

Lots of Action Over Here

And by that I mean none. Joelarino has been out of town a few days for work so I did a lot of nothing.

Wednesday I went to lunch with a friend who was in town and washed my car. Boom.

Yesterday I watched a lot of TV and went for a run. Then that evening had some cake at my mom’s for my little sister’s 13th birthday.

I know. I’m more exciting than Paris Hilton circa 2003. Whoa. Continue reading

“Is This Real Life?”

Apply an even layer of face liberally morning and night.

Apply an even layer of face liberally morning and night.

The title of this blog comes from my refresher CPR course I had to take today. For the hospital that I and some classmates will soon work at, we need American Heart Association CPR as opposed to American Red Cross CPR. Don’t ask me what’s different, since I’ve now done both and have no idea. Anyway, there was no place in Lexington to get an AHA certification so we had to go to Richmond where we went to school. Someone found a phone number on a bulletin board and we called it, got the deets and showed up. This joint had 4 tables, a tv, faceless dummies and a sign that said RICHMOND CPR. Not that I care because I just need the card, but we weren’t sure that this operation was street legal. Continue reading

Welcome Back!

Yummy pizza from Smashing Tomato!

To me! I’m so sorry that I’ve neglected my trusty ole blog here, but things got packed real quick and I lost track of everything. I’m still getting into the swing of school, which has been a bit overwhelming to say the least. But now I’m avoiding school right now to update – lucky you! Continue reading

Buy This


I stopped at Walmart to get kitty litter today and took a look at some of the Danskin Now workout clothes. I loved Danskin stuff when I used to dance so I was hoping I could find something useful. Did I ever! I found some of those racer back tank tops that have a built in bra and they’re great. I know, where have I been? These have been around forever. But in the past I’ve only found ones with skinny straps that dig in or they’re too low cut, etc. These are none of those things! I even wore it today while I did my Stretch 40 Turbo Fire workout. It was awesome. It’s comfy, it wicks, and it’s hot freaking pink. There are other colors, natch, but I went with hot pink (not pictured) for my first one. Continue reading