My Return to the Treadmill

This didn’t happen. But it could have.

Wow, I haven’t posted since February. I’m a pretty terrible blogger. Well, this won’t be much of anything, but I will say that I did return triumphantly to the treadmill this morning. I was getting bored with the elliptical, even with the workouts I’ve been doing, but I couldn’t stomach it anymore. So my friend Cassie, who is training for a 5k, joined me on the treadmill, and we huffed it out.

I’m feeling good. I was so hungry today though. But I’m always hungry, so that’s nothing new. No pain in any of the places I was having pain, like my right calf. I’m hoping for no back pain tomorrow since I forgot to suck my gut in until halfway through my run. I realized that a lot of my back pain last year was from improper running from. So I’m working on fixing it.

Speaking of improper form, my tension headaches that I’ve been dealing with for years, turns out it’s my poor posture. So now I’m in physical therapy to learn exercises to stretch out my muscles, gain range of motion, and properly align my spine. It’s been interesting… So far all I do is retractions, where all I feel like I’m accomplishing is a double chin, but whatever.

Summer school is intense, we just started a new class that we still don’t have a clinical schedule for. Nice. Also, we’ve been working out before class and that as been nice because our gym at school is super nice. Way nicer and less crowded (at least at the time of the morning we go) than the closest Y to my house, so that’s a huge win. Plus it’s FREEEEEEEEEEE. So we’re doing some non-cardio tomorrow, since we seem to get into a rut and chill on the cardio machines. I’ll let you know how it goes!!



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