New Stuff

I tried some new things today! Remember how I vowed to never run on the treadmill again? Well that was tested today. We went to the gym after class today – probably the busiest I’ve ever seen it. There was nary an empty elliptical in sight. All I could see was treadmills, a stair climber (NO!), and this weird looking elliptical/stair climber hybrid thing. I went with the hybrid thing.


There it is. The arc trainer. I picked the cardio setting and started out. At first it was easy. Low resistance and essentially weightless, I started to get a feel for the machine. You’re basically running, but no impact. It’s nice at first, and then when you’re booking it and they kick up the resistance you get real tired, real quick. I started out way too fast and I was exhausted by like ten minutes into the thirty. But I finished, so I guess that counts for something.

I also used my new heart rate monitor today! I used it on my run yesterday, but I had it too loose so when I was super sweaty it slid down and lost my reading. So I tightened it up today and from what I could tell it kept up with me. The band is surprisingly not uncomfortable, even though I had to wear it tighter. And the watch is really easy to read. I’m not sure how accurate my calorie burn is, but I’m guessing it’s more accurate than the machine.


All in all, super easy to use. Totally recommend for someone who wants a basic but efficient heart rate monitor. I literally got it for $45 at Target, it was originally $90, so I’d say that’s a pretty sweet deal. And with the Polar reputation being what it is, and “needing” a heart rate monitor, I couldn’t pass it up.

Have a great Friday night everyone! I’m off to the hospital tomorrow, THIRTEEN WEEKS!



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