Life! Liiiiiife!




I’m so proud!!

Anyway – headed to campus today to get my cap and gown. Apparently I’m graduating cum laude?! How cool is that! So got to get my sash too. I’m thinking of having my hair done for my pinning ceremony the day before graduation. It’s a nice little thing they do just for the nursing students. It’s more intimate than a three hour graduation ceremony with four hundred of your closest friends. I think there’s only about 45 BSN nursing students. Not sure if the ADN students participate as well.

I was going to run today but my calves were incredibly sore so I decided to cut myself a break. I will be out there tomorrow though. Holla holla.

Since I’ve been having some more luck with Pinterest I just keep on doing it. Right now some crock pot Philly cheesesteaks are working. I hope they’re delicious. I’m also going to make a pumpkin sheet cake to bring with me to the ICU on Saturday. I figure some baked goods will put me on someone’s good side. Plus I’m terrified of being in the ICU, so I need all the help I can get.


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