Slow Going

How cute are they??

How cute are they??

Tried to crush my run today and got half way there. I made it through one mile at a 12:00min/mile pace but then couldn’t hold it for the second mile. Slowed down by about a minute and a half but still finished up so that’s what counts right? Hey, at least I’m faster than the kids on Biggest Loser. That’s right. I compared myself to overweight teenagers.

I started watching Biggest Loser the other day (thanks runnerbydefault!!) and I’m obsessed. I’m amazed, inspired, and kind of horrified at the whole thing, but I can’t look away. I saw an article on Twitter about how the biggest loser is actually the audience due to the message that the show sends, but I disagree.

Guys, lets be friends.

Guys, lets be friends.

For me, I’m inspired by the work that these people put in. I couldn’t do hours of workouts with those trainers. I would spend so much time crying that I wouldn’t get anything else done. I know that it’s unrealistic to lose that much weight in a week, but it’s a freaking tv show and it’s an extreme circumstance. As the author has pointed out he offers no alternative to the problem, and his issue is with exploiting the kids on the show since watching the show changes people’s views on obese individuals. Umm, what?

I had a problem with how the article glossed over childhood obesity that I’ll talk about for just a quick second. As a healthcare professional (not a doctor), childhood obesity is a real thing. It’s dangerous, it’s serious, and it’s legit. I’m not saying that I’m an authority on the subject, but I know as someone who was overweight as a kid it is definitely hard. Obesity might not reside solely in gluttony and laziness, but it does have to do with choices and it’s especially about environment when you’re a kid. If you’re not taught healthy choices, how are you going to make them when you’re away from your family for 2, possibly all 3 meals of the day? I’m not putting blame on anyone here, I just think that there’s more to it than what some people realize. And no, happiness is not a magical gift that comes with being skinny or weighing a certain number on a scale, but there are huge health risk factors for kids who are obese. And the fact that some of them will not out live our parents because of those health problems is serious business. ::steps off soapbox::

I was not motivated to go on my run today. So far I’ve been running the same mileage every day (as part of my training program) and I think today I was just over it. But Saturday I bump it up to 3 miles so hopefully I can find an adventure somewhere. I’ve been doing the “easier” path to help out my shin splints and it’s been going well. Icing after and doing those exercises hasn’t hurt either.

I also have not been feeling The Road. Have you guys read it? I’ll post a review when I finish but so far it’s not going to be a positive one…



3 thoughts on “Slow Going

  1. runnerbydefault says:

    Your welcome!! That show is so inspiring. I even signed up to run one the BL races in the fall. I would love to meet some of the contestants!!

    • amandakash says:

      I was just telling a friend that sometimes when I watch it I will start working out then and there – it really gets you moving. And I’d love to do a BL race! I’ll have to find one nearby and work it in.

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