Sorry I’ve been such a loser with updating. I have been reading a lot and have posted reviews on the Cannonball Read site only. According to goodreads I’m 3 books behind my goal of finishing 52 this year, but I just read 3 in less than 72 hours so I’m catching up. My new strategy is to read a bunch of short books to catch up and pad my number, then undertake one of the massive ones on my list. For some reason I picked a bunch of huge ass books to read this year…


I have a post all ready to go about some more product reviews but I’ll probably do that sometime before the weekend. It’s all about skin care and lotions and shit. Exhilarating. I know. But people ask me about my skin a lot so I figured it would share the wealth in a shameless plug kind of way. Speaking of shameless plugs – have y’all heard of Birchbox or Klutchclub? They’re basically monthly subscriptions of cool stuff. Birchbox has beauty products, for men and women, and Klutchclub has healthy living products, for men and women (and moms) as well. They’re very cool and satisfy my need for getting packages in the mail. Success.

I’m getting ready to get ready to head into work tonight. It has been really difficult for me to find a good way to get into the night shift groove. After the first night it’s fine because you’re so tired you can’t help but sleep. But the first night is usually rough for me. Not like I’m falling asleep, because you definitely have enough to do, but I feel very very very tired.

Anyone have any tips on how to survive nightshift?

I’ve tried staying up really late the night before, taking naps, etc. But I’m not sure what I can do short of drugging myself. And I’d like to stay away from that if I can. Ya feel me?



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