New TV!

So we got a new TV today. Now before you get all huffy about the state of the economy and how crazy people are during Black Friday, hear me out.

First of all, we didn’t wake up at some crazy ass time of the night to wait in line and freeze our asses off somewhere. Joel did research online, and wasn’t even going to buy one but when we got there today (Saturday, evening even) it was really such a good deal that it’s hard to pass up. Yes, we have the means to buy a new TV, we’re gainfully employed, and Joel has even been saving up for it because our old one had blue dots all over it because it was like eleven years old and the light board was all warped. Truth.

Second, a while ago, Joel got stuck in an elevator at work and as such he received a $200 gift card for his mental duress. Nice, eh? Anyway, that brought the grand total down to a manageable amount. I’d say about what we spend on groceries in a month. It’s not like we got one of those ones that’s the price of a car. That’s just insane.

Well, it’s really nice and full 1080p (I don’t know what that means but Joel maintains it is essential) so maybe we’ll be able to see what’s going on in Harry Potter and the Prison of Azkaban. Wah wah wahhhhh.

We’ll probably sell the old one on Craigslist for like $50 so hopefully that will be an adventure that I can report back here.


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